October 20, 2007

"I'm not a morning person.''

''You're going to look at me straight in the face and say 'I'm not a morning person,'?''


reader_iam said...

Not much of a person, period.

M. Simon said...

Love your new do.

Looks very good this morning.

What? It's afternoon?

Still looks good. Twenty years younger with the same old wisdom. I could go for that. If my mate would let me.

Gustavus said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that that wasn't the right answer . . .

Revenant said...

The real shame is that the maximum sentence this guy can be given is 20 years. What a disgusting individual. Who could harm a little child like that? I just can't imagine it.

Christy said...

The answer of someone who has never in his life been held accountable for anything.

I am a morning person; I wake up laughing and singing. People who haven't had their morning coffee frequently want to hit me.

Trooper York said...

Morning glow morning glow
Starts to glimmer when you know
Winds of change are set to blow
And sweep this whole land through
Morning glow is long past due

Morning glow fill the earth
Come on shine far all you're worth
We'll be present at the birth
Of all faith looking new
Morning glow is long past due

Oh oh morning glow
I'd like to help you grow
You should have started long ago

Morning glow all days long
For we sing tomorrow's song
Never knew we could be so strong
But now it's very clear
Morning glow is almost here

Oh oh morning glow
I'd like to help you grow
We should have started long ago

Morning glow all your life
We can make the new day right
All the bad songs of the night
Will fade into the past
Morning glow is here at last

(Some crazy moslem guy)

John Stodder said...

Crooks and Liars is wondering why this guy is in such trouble.

Gahrie said...

Revenant :

Don't worry about it. Prisoners hate those who commit crimes against children. If he survives his sentence, he's going to have a very unpleasant time doing so.

LutherM said...

I suspect that the accused may have an IQ lower than his body temperature.
So, he's getting his head examined. It would seem appropriate for his girlfriend also, the mother of the abused child.
Any time in prison is a long time. This series of incidents require measurably more than ONE YEAR, but, absent a history of aberrant behavior, less than TWENTY.


knoxwhirled said...

The judge ordered Arreola to undergo psychological and psychiatric evaluations

eh, don't bother. Diagnosis: asshole

Richard Fagin said...

I'm with knox. Good thing he didn't face Judge (now Congressman) Ted Poe. The bum'd sentenced to twenty years of being wakened by dynamite blasts at 3 AM. Maybe they'd put the last one where the sun doesn't shine before they detonated it.

. said...

perhaps something like this would help rehabilitate mr arreola

peter hoh said...

I know that judge, though only in passing. Never had to appear before her, but lived in the area and our paths crossed.

rhhardin said...

I get up before the the roosters 2:45 AM , 4:14 AM .

hdhouse said...

yes it is a nice picture ann. mourning becomes electra.

Galvanized said...

There are just too many social services and help available to explain this mother letting this happen to her small child. If it were my child, this "man" would have come upon some very unfortunate freak accident, I'm afraid.

rcocean said...

"I'm not a morning person"

Hitler and Stalin had the same problem.

Windbag said...

It's sad that it takes something like this for us to all come together.

Jennifer said...

Let's hope he's a mourning person soon.

bearbee said...

Who could harm a little child like that? I just can't imagine it.

Why did the mother tolerate the jerk?!

Florida Man Sentenced to Death for Leaving Child to Be Eaten by Alligators

Too many sickos out there.

Be said...

I've always been a morning person. Can't get over that Monday Thing, though.

Methadras said...

Maybe if I cracked this piece of sub-human filth over the head with a 2 x 4, got arrested, go before a judge or a prosecutor and get asked why I him in the head with a 2 x 4, I'd look them in the face and say that I didn't have a 2 x 6 handy.