October 13, 2007

Heaven and earth...



... they seem so disconnected sometimes.


Maxine Weiss said...

Because a number of readers were very disappointed that, instead of admonishing Dr. Helen for using bad judgment....

....Althouse coaches her into hiding behind the excuse of "Libertarianism".

When trying to build traffic, if there's one thing you don't want to do...it's invoke the gospel of Reparative Therapy.

A little like walking into a Synagogue in an Adolf Hitler costume and then wondering why everyone's all upset with you.

Love, Maxine

Trooper York said...

From this shot you can see the apparatus used to unload containers from ships on Pier 5. This is the last vestige of the bustling seaport that was the Brooklyn waterfront. Nanny Bloomberg tried to evict the last stevedore company to put some yuppie paradise development, but some local pols got the contract extended. When I was kid, there was a ship in every slip unloading fresh produce and dry goods and there was hustle and bustle and a lot of jobs for the working stiffs of Brooklyn. Now we have a pretty picture.

Maxine Weiss said...

I reckon we won't see very many more posts referring to Dr. Helen, or linking to her.

Althouse will try to gracefully distance herself...while Maxine attempts to keep it going.

Maxine won't rest until she wrings every last drop of contention, ill-will, and acrimony out of the situation !!!

Then, and only then, can we start the rehabilitation of Dr. Helen.

In the meantime, we must PURGE !

Peace, Maxine

hdhouse said...

ann...you need to stay off the piers when the fleet is in.

rhhardin said...

Bach's Holiday Oratorio, the chorus lines go

Er ist auf Erden kommen arm,

Dass er unser sich erbarm,

Und in dem Himmel mache reich

Und seinen lieben Engeln gleich.


rhhardin said...

Bach, ps., modern real players may ask to download the old sipr 9 codec.

Maxine Weiss said...
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ricpic said...

Where will The People go
When The Last Best Hope is done for?
Will they pack up and hope stow,
Or fight to reclaim The Golden Shore?

The issue is still in the air --
America to keep, all means are fair!

Bissage said...

Heaven and Earth?

What about God and Man?

And yes, they seem so disconnected sometimes.

But sometimes we dance.

Here, have a dance, on me.

It’s my treat.

Trooper York said...

Right back at ya Bissage:

Revenant said...

Great photos!

(and does anyone know what the heck Maxine is babbling about? I'm worried that trying to figure her out will give me brain cancer)

ohwhatthehell said...

Maxine is Terminix, with all the overkill, poison, and false sense of security implied. Doesn't that grass look beautiful! (Except: Ignore that tumor-infested, forked-tongue creature behind the screen. The message has nothing to do with the messenger, after all. Thus we have been told and, therefore, ought to accept.)

Bissage said...

(1) Trooper, for you I broke my rule against cutting and pasting URLs [sic] and I’m glad I did. LOL!

That link was particularly on point given the dichotomy between Tony Manero and his brother, who gets a good look at the disco and Tony’s friends and recommits to the priesthood. Heaven and Earth, indeed.

(2) I might as well go on record and say I used to really like Maxine. It was mostly because of her and Sipp that I found the courage to try commenting in the first place.

I took Maxine’s comments to make heavy points in a blithe, offbeat kind of way. Sure, there was always a little dash of hostility thrown in, but we all need our evil twin. And besides, funny compensates for a lot in my tiny, little universe.

But anymore . . . well . . . maybe she’s just run out of ideas. Or maybe I was na├»ve all along. So it goes.

(3) Rev, you’re smarter than me, so maybe it’s worth the effort to try to figure her out. But I’ve given up. I don’t read her comments anymore. Life is short. I visit Althouse so I can hang with a bunch of cool people. Maxine is not cool.

(4) Sincerely, Bissage.

Maxine Weiss said...

Bissage, I'm quite fond of you.

---Even though you're not in my element.

Love, Maxine