September 2, 2007

John Lennon's famous jukebox.

Here's a documentary about it. And a Metafilter discussion.

I was eager to see which singles Lennon chose. There are many interesting observations you could make about the list, but thing that most struck me is that -- with one exception -- there are no female singers. So who is the one woman who made it into John Lennon's Jukebox?


steve simels said...

The crucial song on that is Bobby Parker's "Watch Your Step."

Check the guitar riff -- it's by way of Ray Charles "What I'd Say" and Lennon adapted (hah) it for "I Feel Fine".

As Stravinsky said, mediocre composers borrow -- great composers steal.

Meade said...


blake said...

John always did need a little help, didn't he?

So there are two new parody movies coming out: One takes on the sports movie, the other the music biopic. (John C Reilly as the Johnny Cash/Ray Charles character.)

In it, the Beatles are also parodied. I have to admit, seeing the fake John felt a little like sacrilege.

Guesst said...

I was never a big fan of the Beatles, as they were just slightly at their height before my time.

This video surely substantiates how much of their career was based on thievery but was misattributed to creativity and talent.

Same still holds true today.

I don't begrudge their millions, or their careers, but only the overrated praise and esteem for being clever, when they just weren't.