September 2, 2007

"Edward Gorey watched television for the first time this summer... and in the process the 53-year-old artist became a 'Star Trek' fan."

Shaenon K. Garrity reads an old newspaper article, which says the artist has taken to watching "Star Trek" reruns 11 times a week and has yet to catch "The Trouble With Tribbles." Inspired, Garrity draws "The Trouble With Tribbles" in the style of Edward Gorey. Sample:

(Via Drawn!, via Metafilter.)


rhhardin said...

It's best with just the frame you posted.

My favorite Gorey

Little Zooks of whom no one was fond
Was launched towards the roof and beyond
The infant's trajectory
Took him over the rectory
And into a lily-choked pond.

George M. Spencer said...

A is for Amy who fell down the stairs.

B is for Basil assaulted by Bears....

C is for Cyril who swallowed some tacks.....

Gashlycrumb children's book ever.

The story about the little orphan girl who gets run over by a carriage moments before her long-lost father finds her is a knee-slapper, too.


Joan said...

Perfect Sunday morning fare.

Thank you!

Balfegor said...

Gorey! One of those "do I give this to these bright new parents, or would they be offended?" authors. Like Hillaire Belloc. Love his alphabet books, and would love to give them as gifts. But parents might disapprove of the violence and death. Oh, horns of the dilemma, etc! etc!

Revenant said...

That is a brilliant copy of Gorey.

blake said...

He sort of pre-saged Tim Burton, didn't he?

I have a couple of volumes of his work here. Had I discovered him as a child, I'd probably have them all. (I was a big fan of Addams and anything that mixed horror, comedy and art.)

Revenant said...

He sort of pre-saged Tim Burton, didn't he?

Pretty much the entire German expressionist movement presaged Tim Burton.

blake said...

lol, Rev

I actually don't see that much German Expressionism in Burton. There's a beauty-in-darkness or a beauty-in-sadness kind of aesthetic versus a no-beauty-in-anything.

Although, I'll give you Nightmare Before Christmas evokes The Cabinet of Dr. Kaligara.

blake said...

Kaligari, damnit.