June 30, 2007

Mickey Mouse-ish character martyred....

The show with a terrorist mouse got canceled, and Hamas TV provided the children with closure by having Farfour beaten to death.

ADDED: The video.


SGT Ted said...

How heart warming.

They clearly deserve a State.

Bissage said...

Sounds a bit goofy to me.

I know, I know, it was a painfully obvious joke.

But it was free!

Moe Szyslak said...

Yea, it's not like Palestinians really get beaten to death by Israel soldiers or anything.

Internet Ronin said...

Yeah, Moe, and its not like Palestinians don't regularly blow themselves and everyone around them up on buses, in cafes, and at border checkpoints, or anything.

How appropriate that they had Farfour beaten to death - just like what Fatah and Hamas have been doing to each other the past few weeks.

"Teach your children well." Indeed.

The Drill SGT said...

The show demonstrates the bottomless pit of anger and the senseless violence that saturates the Palestinian culture. No wonder that when nice soft Israeli pizza parlors are put off limits by the building of a wall, that rival factions proceed to kill and murder children on public streets. Where did they learn such hatred? From the moment they were born. It is a totally disfunctional society on all levels.

Bissage said...

"Peace will come only when the Palestinians love their children more than they hate the Jews."

-- Golda Meir

dave™© said...

Commenting on children's cartoon characters is just about your speed...

steve simels said...

Apparently, I've been banned here.

How will I live with the shame!!!!

Pogo said...

Kill da jooos

Why? Because we're total f*ck-ups!

Death is life, children!

steve simels said...

Hmm. Maybe not.

Indecisions, indecisions.....

Pogo said...

Record-review guy can't seem to grasp the difference between a topical point and a stupid insult.

Ann Althouse said...

Steve: Participate decently or leave. You're boring us and wasting our time. If you actually are a music critic in some real place of employment, perhaps you should be concerned that your behavior here is embarrassing you and might hurt your career if the people you need to impress noticed.

steve simels said...

Ann Althouse said...
Steve: Participate decently or leave. You're boring us and wasting our time. If you actually are a music critic in some real place of employment, perhaps you should be concerned that your behavior here is embarrassing you and might hurt your career if the people you need to impress noticed.

I'm trembling in my Capezios.

Ann Althouse said...

Steve: You seem to me to have a problem, so I'm asking you to leave and not post again. I perceive you to be stalking me and any further posting by you will be regarded as stalking. Go now and don't write another word.

dave™© said...

BTW, the reason Blithering Misogynist Idiot is so pissed at Simels is because he's spent nearly his entire life as a published writer very respected in his field.

Notice the obvious differences between the two?

dave™© said...

"I perceive you to be stalking me."

Oh, don't you wish!

Why don't you get the Blogger Police on him?

Grow up, lady!

The Kenosha Kid said...

Mickey Mouse-ish character martyred....

Untrue! She is merely being stalked by Steve Simels.

Paco Wové said...

"...your behavior here is embarrassing you and might hurt your career...

Your mistake, Althouse, is in thinking that "obscure music critic" qualifies as a more prestigious career than does "obsessive blog troll".

XWL said...

Interesting, rather than acknowledging the pure unadulterated evil that childrens programming aimed at indoctrinating preschoolers into a death cult represents...

Sinistral leaning folks would rather insult the blog's host, or complain about their right to crap in the punchbowl being trampled (and assert that puncbowl crapping is a sacred duty and protected free speech).

The irony that if the crazies in the Middle East went unopposed, it's lefties that woud be killed first remains unappreciated (it burns them to think that President Bush might actually deserve praise for averting attacks in the United States since 9/11 so let's pretend all terrorists, and all plots stopped, are just ill conceived notions of bumbling idiots, and the threat is just a bumper-sticker slogan to begin with).

(which joker left an opened "i" tag, anyway? ahhh, the always brilliant Steve Simels, delete that comment, at least)

(and I find it a bit strange to hear the, "you a rock critic . . ." argmument)

PatCA said...

This neighborhood has gone to hell.

Mr.Murder said...

Anthrax attacks after 9-11.

The premise of your conclusion is horseshit there freep.

Ann you are supposed to ignore trolls. Whatever your definition of them may be.

Otherwise, stop flattering yourself.

As for the cartoon character that is a martyr, it wasn't a real victim opf Israeli brutality. They shoot the kids before beating them, or just run them over with bulldozers.

That would be a grown up depiction.

ronjazz said...

Sorry xwl, Bush opened the door to 9/11, did nothing to prevent the attacks, nothing to catch the perpetrators, and nothing tp prevent further attacks. in fact, he is solely responsible for the amazingly large increase in terrorist activity worlwide in the past 5 years, because when he turned tail and ran, the terrorists knew they had "Mission Accomplished", which Bush happily signaled to them as he kept an aircraft carrier anchored off the California coast so that he could fool the likes of you. He is the perfect leader for such as yourselves and Althouse: reactionary, unthinking, hate-ridden morons occupying the bottom quarter of the American scale, afraid to enlist and back up their Dear Leader, even though he displays the same wonderful traits as other fascists like Pol Pot, idi Amin, Stalin and Hitler, and will certainly be grouped with them by history, as you all will be this periods Good Germans, gullible and easily frightened, hiding behind cowards like Cheney and Rice. It's no wonder you ignore the mass-murdering IDF, and can't understand that the Palestinians are the modern day American colonists, fighting to regain their stolen land. the only good that will come of this is that Bush has finally destroyed the Republican Party, and shown the world what inhuman troglodytes the American Right consists of. Good work.

steve simels said...

the Palestinians are the modern day American colonists

ronjazz, I love ya, but I take issue with that.

The wonderful folks that shot an old jew in a wheelchair and threw him overboard are not the moral equivalents of our founding fathers.

I'm no fan of what Israel's doing vis a vis the Palestinians, but to blame the problems in the middle east totally on the perfidious jews is troubling.

TMink said...

OK, I have seen some really weird things be twisted past the breaking point to defame Jews and Israel, but blaming the terrorist rat on them is perhaps a new level of insane intellectual gerrymandering.

Next: Why Hitler was forced into genocide by the Jewish puppet masters!

Sheesh! It boggles this mind.


momskids said...

Wow. The amazing historical context. I am pro "people not killing each other". But that's just me. I'm neither pro-Israel or pro-Palestine. This is insanity. Both sides have committed atrocities. But the Palestinians do not have a standing army. The Israelis do. The Western Powers and military industrial complex (remember Ike?) have won. The more we hate, the more we pick sides, the more military hardware we order... The more money they make. The rest of us, we lose.

blake said...

That's some insight: Bush "is solely responsible for the amazingly large increase in terrorist activity".

Solely! Apparently his control over others is so complete there is no one else with even an insignificant amount of responsibility for people he's never met blowing themselves up in locations he can't even pronounce.

dave™© said...


billy b said...

but blaming the terrorist rat on them is perhaps a new level of insane intellectual gerrymandering.

Not a lot different than "fight 'em over there so we don't have to fight 'em over here"
or whatever that idiotic excuse the republics use to justify Iraq.

Medieval Student said...

Indoctrinating children to hate the "other" is a sure means that senseless war in this region will continue. It will not help to alleviate the plight of the Palestinians.

Teaching children that they must "annihilate the Jews" or any other group of people is not defenseable in any situation. I don't see why this point seems to be one that is open for argument.

dave™© said...

Teaching children that they must "annihilate the Jews" or any other group of people is not defenseable in any situation.

And what do the Israelis say to their kids about the Palestinians?

Kev said...

"But the Palestinians do not have a standing army. The Israelis do"

That is precisely the problem. The Palestinians lost a war in 1948. They're obviously not happy about that. And the one and only honorable way for them to rectify that situation would be to 1) Form an army and 2) Declare war on Israel. But instead, they've gone about it in a sub-human way: Blowing up innocent civiilans in restaurants, malls, etc. I'm sorry, but until they stop acting like barbarians and do things in a civilized manner, I won't have any sympathy for their cause whatsoever.

(And let's not forget who was dancing in the streets on 9/11, either.)

TMink said...

Billy B, I live in a nice, safe neighborhood. I hope you do to. My stuff gets left alone, the kids are safe to play in the yard, no drive bys, the worst thing is that the neighbors teenager is a little loud every now and then. I hope it is the same for you.

But the world is not a nice neighborhood. There are parts where you don't go unless you are armed. And when the thugs and vermin start coming into the nice neighborhood and killing people, you have choices.

You can take it. You can hide. You can talk to them. You can threaten them. You can guard your neighborhood. You can track them down and make sure they never hurt anyone else.

People who kill innocent people for political or economic gain are not like you and me. They have a very different psychology, and they reason in terms of power, not ethics.

Dozens of these terrorists die every day in Iraq. I like the sound of that. It gives me great satisfaction that the last few leaders of Al Quaida in Iraq have either been captured or killed before they could blow us up again.

Not so convulted at all really. Just not the kind of thinking that most of us have to do in our nice, safe neighborhoods. Thank God. And thank the soldiers.


Internet Ronin said...

Apropos of the direction of this conversation, Dilbert creator Scott Adams has written an insightful post.

The Drill SGT said...


I was thinking about this in the context of the 4th of July. It is said to be a George Orwell quote. I think it fits your last post:

Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

Ann Althouse said...

That quote is famously not from Orwell. It's still a good line.

The Drill SGT said...

LOL. OK, maybe not Orwell, but rather one of those other Great Americans, Churchill or Kipling... :)

Fletch said...

Apparently, I've been banned here.

How will I live with the shame!!!!

What? Given your propensity to search for 'veggie porn'...?

"Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap..."

Fletch said...


I am pro "people not killing each other". But that's just me. I'm neither pro-Israel or pro-Palestine. This is insanity. Both sides have committed atrocities.

Because there is absolutely no difference between military action at direct targets vs sending a 10 yr old in a "bomb vest" across the border to the nearest nightclub...

After all, I'm also not 'for or against' "children"--- but if your little rugrat happens to 'piss me off', he simply dies...!

And then I'll also whine about the $3K/yr I pay to the local "schools" to educate his peers.

Because I'm "neutral"...

Jacob said...

Uh, Spoiler Alert! Some of us may have Tivoed that episode and not watched it yet.

Michael McNeil said...

George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) may not have originated the quote above, but he did write the following, an excerpt from a poem published in the Times during the middle of World War II, on 1943-06-18, under the title “As One Non-Combatant to Another (A Letter to ‘Obadiah Hornbooke’)”; you can read the whole thing here (I've also italicized a few particular turns of phrase for emphasis and introduced a descriptive word in brackets):

O poet strutting from the sandbagged portal
Of that small world where barkers ply their art,
And each new “school” believes itself immortal,
Just like the horse that draws the knacker’s cart:

O captain of a clique of self-advancers,
Trained in the tactics of the pamphleteer,
Where slogans serve for thoughts and sneers for answers —
You’ve chosen well your moment to appear
And hold your nose amid a world of horror
Like Dr Bowdler walking through Gomorrah.

In the Left Book Club days you wisely lay low,
But when “Stop Hitler!” lost its old attraction
You bounded forward in a Woolworth’s halo
To cash in on anti-war reaction;
You waited till the Nazis ceased from frightening,
Then, picking a safe audience, shouted “Shame!”
Like a Prometheus you defied the lightning,
But didn’t have the nerve to sign your name.
You’re a true poet, but as saint and martyr
You’re a mere fraud, like the Atlantic Charter.

Your hands are clean, and so were Pontius Pilate’s,
But as for “bloody heads,” that’s just a metaphor;
The bloody heads are on Pacific islets
Or Russian steppes or Libyan sands — it’s better for
The health to be a C.O. than a fighter,
To chalk a pavement doesn’t need much guts,
It pays to stay at home and be a writer
While other talents wilt in Nissen huts;
“We live like lions” — yes, just like a lion,
Pensioned on scraps in a safe cage of iron.

For while you write the warships ring you round
And flights of bombers drown the nightingales,
And every bomb that drops is worth a pound
To you or someone like you, for your sales
Are swollen with those of rivals dead or silent,
Whether in Tunis or the B.B.C.,
And in the drowsy freedom of this island
You’re free to shout that England isn’t free;
They even chuck you cash, as bears get buns,
For crying “Peace!” behind a screen of guns.

In ’seventeen to snub the nosing bitch
Who slipped you a white feather needed cheek,
But now, when every writer finds his niche
Within some mutual-admiration clique,
Who cares what epithets by Blimps are hurled?
Who’d give a damn if handed a white feather?
Each little mob of pansies is a world,
Cosy and warm in any kind of weather;
In such a world it’s easy to “object,”
Since that’s what both your friends and foes expect.

At times it’s almost a more dangerous deed
Not to object; I know, for I’ve been bitten.
I wrote in nineteen-forty that at need
I’d fight to keep the Nazis out of Britain;
And Christ! How shocked the pinks were! Two years later
I hadn’t lived it down; one had the effrontery
To write three pages calling me a “traitor,”
So black a crime it is to love one’s country.
Yet where’s the pink that would have thought it odd of me
To write a shelf of books in praise of sodomy?

Your game is easy, and its rules are plain:
Pretend the war began in ’thirty-nine,
Don’t mention China, Ethiopia, Spain,
Don’t mention Poles except to say they’re swine;
Cry havoc when we bomb a German city,
When Czechs get killed don’t worry in the least,
Give India a perfunctory squirt of pity
But don’t inquire what happens further East;
Don’t mention Jews — in short, pretend the war is
Simply a racket “got up” by the tories.

Throw in a word of “anti-Fascist” patter
From time to time, by way of reinsurance.
And then go on to prove it makes no matter
If Blimps or Nazis hold the world in durance;
And that we others who “support” the war
Are either crooks or sadists or flag-wavers

In love with drums and bugles, but still more
Concerned with cadging Brendan Bracken’s favours;
Or fools who think that bombs bring back the dead.
A thing not even [“Bomber”] Harris ever said.

If you’d your way we’d leave the Russians to it
And sell our steel to Hitler as before;

Meanwhile you save your soul, and while you do it,
Take out a long-term mortgage on the war.
For after war there comes an ebb of passion,
The dead are sniggered at — and there you’ll shine,
You’ll be the very bull’s-eye of the fashion,
You almost might get back to ’thirty-nine,
Back to the dear old game of scratch-my-neighbour
In sleek reviews financed by coolie labour.

But you don’t hoot at Stalin — that’s “not done” —
Only at Churchill; I’ve no wish to praise him,
I’d gladly shoot him when the war is won,
Or now, if there was someone to replace him.
But unlike some, I’ll pay him what I owe him;

There was a time when empires crashed like houses,
And many a pink who’d titter at your poem
Was glad enough to cling to Churchill’s trousers.
Christ! How they huddled up to one another
Like day-old chicks about their foster-mother!

I’m not a fan for “fighting on the beaches,”
And still less for the “breezy uplands” stuff,
I seldom listen-in to Churchill’s speeches,
But I’d far sooner hear that kind of guff
Than your remark, a year or so ago,
That if the Nazis came you’d knuckle under
And peaceably “accept the status quo.”
Maybe you would! But I’ve a right to wonder
Which will sound better in the days to come,
“Blood, toil and sweat” or “Kiss the Nazi’s bum.”

Jeff said...

Jesus. Crazy enemies of democracy do something absolutely retarded, yet the lefties show up to defend them by repeatedly declaring... how much they hate the Jews.


Oh, and half the Middle east attacked Israel - twice - and got their asses kicked. Please shut the fuck up about "occupation," unless you're willing to protests about the Norman occupation of England. Or the Anglo-Saxon occupation. Or the Roman occupation.

Pogo said...

Islam has used a Bizarro-world Mickey Mouse to teach its children to hate their neighbor and praise murder in the name of religion.

But I have learned to expect their death cult to serve up ever more egregious examples of jihadi indoctrination, including training kindergartners to dress as terrorists and wave weapons in true rage boy style.

I am still surprised to see some people posting here conflating the West and these death cultists (e.g. "Both sides have committed atrocities".) Palestinians kill Americans and Jews? Clearly the blame belongs to the US and Israel. Palestinians kill each other? Clearly the blame belongs to the US and Israel.

Heads you win, tails I lose.

The Islamofascists I understand a bit. The reflexive anti-American Americans that choose them over us I simply do not.

Theo Boehm said...

Michael McNeil: Thank you for that. It is sometimes easy to forget just how good George Orwell was.

And thank you also for your very interesting blog.

XWL said...

Theres' plenty to disagree upon with Christopher Hitchens, but his views on George Orwell. is not one of those subjects.

(a book I can easily recommend, though not agree with entirely)

Kirk said...


You noticed the mention of Bush's Magical Domination of Everything, too, eh? For my part, I'm really, really dreading Inaguration Day 2009 when I have to go back to being responsible for myself. These past 7 years have been such a wonderful vacation...