June 16, 2007

In the aftermath of tweaking the blogger.

Yesterday, I went after two Glenns who were irritating me, but only one of them was irritating me because he was talking about me, and that one, but not the other one, responded to me. So, Premiere movie critic Glenn Kenny is chastened to learn that he's "has hurdled ahead of political blogger Glenn Greenwald in the intensity of Althouse's disapprobation — Greenwald is now only the 'second-worst' Glenn."

Were there hurdles? Or did he just hurtle?

He says he's "holding out a peace pipe" and that he'll be extra careful in the future if he ever feels like "tweaking" me again, but how am I supposed to feel about that? If I didn't have a high-traffic blog where I could complain -- and a much higher traffic blog to supercharge my complaint -- the damage to my reputation would simply have festered. Really, extra care is most important when you are writing about individuals who don't have an easy way to fight back... unless, of course, your real concern is your own reputation.
The throngs pouring in here via Althouse and Instapundit should know: ["a not-bad Michael-Curtiz directed rags-to-not-quite-riches saga with an ill-justified Looney-Tunes-promoting dream sequence'] is really what my blog is all about. This, and Godard. Stick around if that's your thing.
Ah, yes, repair your reputation and try to keep some of the crowd who came over on account of me and my favorite Glenn. Well, let's see if Glenn K ever links to me when I write something about movies and he's got something positive to say about it.

CORRECTION NOTED: For some reason I had written "music critic" instead of "movie critic" in the first paragraph.


Anonymous said...
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marklewin said...

Professor Althouse:

Is it possible to obtain 'apology' credits from you?

I have noticed that you either demand or feel owed an apology on a fairly regular basis and I want to get ahead of the curve (I am insecure like that, possibly because my father was raised during the depression).

In anticipation of your approval of my request I am apologizing for this post as it probably misrepresents something that you have said or may have meant to say.

I anticipate at some point needing to apologize for getting too personal, speculating too wildly, offending some feminist sensibility, failing to appreciate your artistic sensibility, being non-sequitorial, trying to be too cute in my responses, lying, being unpatriotic and a terrorist sympathizer, posting about Iraq, and failing to admire Glenn R enough.

One other thing....If I accumulate enough apology credits can I lend some of them to others?

Thanks for you consideration.

Peter Hoh said...

Is it possible to hurdle while plodding?

Ron said...

first off, Apology credits? Is this Gore's carbon credits? If Bill Clinton could have accumulated those, he'd have slept with the entire White House Staff on the White House Lawn at the same time...

Second, 'Looney-Tunes-promoting dream sequence'? Is this tool casting you as Yosemite Sam (Ann)? Feh!

Celebrate your triumph with some Glenfydich...

marklewin said...

Oops...I forgot something.

I apologize for being a wise-a-- in the past, present, and future...and being lousy at it.

You know Professor Althouse, I feel so free....does it feel as good to accept apologies as it does to give them? If so, we are both very lucky people in our complementariness.

Palladian said...

GlenKenny, Glen Dross

dave™© said...

...try to keep some of the crowd who came over on account of me and my favorite Glenn.

Three people are a crowd? Who knew???

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Garth Algar: Uhm, Wayne? What do you do if every time you see this one incredible woman, you think you're gonna hurl?

Wayne Campbell: I say hurl. If you blow chunks and she comes back, she's yours. But if you spew and she bolts, then it was never meant to be.
[emphasis mine]

Really sorry to hear about your Glenndular problem.

Mr.Murder said...

Muse critic? Hmmmm.