May 9, 2007

"American Idol" -- results.

(Spoiler!) I was worried about Melinda, because the fourth spot is a dangerous one, but it turned out that, as expected, it was the end for LaKisha. Good-bye to KiKi.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

I should've spent that hour doing something else and simply reading your two sentences worth.

Maxine Weiss said...

What's going on with Ann and the University???

The chatrooms are buzzing.

Ann's comment about how she'd give up teaching law before stopping blogging.

That, and the move to Brooklyn, has some people wondering about the state of relations between Ann and her employers.

Again, it's the chatrooms, not me. They are saying something's up with Ann and her comments about (hypothetically) choosing between blogging and the University....raised some eyebrows amongst some of her colleagues close to home. Ruffled a few feathers and has a few at that University all in a dither.

(Hard to believe a middle-aged, single law professor would willingly give up blog, but who am I to judge the unusual priorities of others?)

Anyway, just a bit of friendly gossip and innuendo, which I have it on good authority ---is completely true, but we'll nonetheless pretend it's just my imagination working overtime again.

Have a beautiful evening, all-- I know I will!

Peace, Maxine

Ann Althouse said...

Maxine: Where did you read that? Anyway, it was my rhetoric. I've always been supported in blogging here. It's viewed as positive, not as something merely tolerated. In any case, I have a vested retirement at this point, so I do always weigh the value of a life devoted entirely to writing, which I could support on my retirement alone. It is an unknown, interesting life that I sometimes think I might want to live. But now, it's summer, and I'm going to work on my book project, so it's exactly the same. Then, life in NYC... whatever that's like. And I'll decide how I want to live.

XWL said...

A book?

Scholarly? Spec? Publisher already lined up? Self-published? Memoir? MOMoir? Fiction? Non-Fiction? James Freyction? Political? Apolitical? Photographic?

(so many questions)

Chris said...


If I award you the title of Althouse's most sniveling and tedious commenter, will you cease and desist? Whatever you are trying to demonstrate about yourself, you completed the task long ago. Don't go away angry...

Cyrus Pinkerton said...

If I may, I'd like to nominate myself as Professor Althouse's most tedious commenter. I'm prepared to list my qualifications, at length, if required.

Maxine, I hope you don't mind my saying this, but you look mahvelous for a 251 year old woman.

Fen said...

I'm prepared to second Cyrus's nomination. But I need him to specify his definition of "tedious" and "qualifications".


Galvanized said...

What ever happened to that sock puppet idea, Ms. Althouse? LOL You need a Bloggingheads spoof with Maxine and yourself. What fun that would be. :)