April 12, 2007

Kos hates the "Blogger Code of Ethics" so much...

... he doesn't even have a little sympathy for Kathy Sierra!

(Sierra, the blogger who received death threats, has been used lately as leverage in arguments for trying -- somehow -- to tame the wild blogosphere. Me, I detest the "Blogger Code of Ethics," but I put what happened to Kathy Sierra in a separate category from the usual verbal nastiness on the web.)

What's the best take on this? 1. Liberal men never were feminists. They just pretend like they are until their own interests conflict. Thanks for serving up the evidence for something I've been saying all along. 2. Those whining, repressive victimologists. How cool to see Kos kick their ass.


Anonymous said...

3. Screw her.

Omaha1 said...

link goes to Imus firing?

Omaha1 said...

this post maybe?


Freder Frederson said...

That he posted something without bothering to gather all the facts? And he should be criticized for that, yes, but your conclusions are way off the mark.

JSF said...

Ahhh...but Ann, you know the rules. If you are a Liberal, you can be a racist (Sen. Byrd), a sexual harraser (President Bill Clinton) or a murderer (Sen. Ted Kennedy). Time and again, the rules do not apply to Democrats or Liberals.

Ann Althouse said...

Sorry about the bad link. You're right about what I meant.

Jsf: Interesting theory, but how do you square it with the case that is glaring in the news today, the firing of Imus?

Omaha1 said...

Ann, I thought you encouraged the Sierra death-threats with your relentless breast-blogging.

Freder Frederson said...

You have shown little sympathy for the Rutgers basketball team. What does that say about your commitment to feminism?

HA HA HA said...

fed ferdarsen - did taht bunghoale imas thretan to kil em now? damn. hes off my crismasn card list for sure.

Gahrie said...


The true feminist position vis a vis Imus would have been:

"Who the hell cares what that broken down old man said?"

A true feminist would have been strong enough not to even notice the comment much less care.

The only person who has handled this case right is Gwen Ifill.

sadly, the Rutgers team has decided to buy into, and indulge in, the whole cult of victimization circus.

And as for Sharpton and Jackson, and all the race hustlers like them, Imus should have responded with a succinct "kiss my ass."

Mark said...

What an inaccurate oversimplification! As if there is a one "liberal men's" point of view towards feminists or anyone else. For instance, I was against firing Imus as I explained on an earlier thread. I also know a whole lot of other "male liberals" with different points of view toward feminism, freedom of speech, and many other issues.
To paint all "liberal men" with one big brish of them never being feminists is simply untrue.

Lou Minatti said...

The link doesn't work, Professor Althouse.

Bruce Hayden said...

Actually, Imus found out that liberals can't say anything that they want to. Or at least while male liberals wearing cowboy hats can't. Black "ministers" of course can - or at least until they insult either lesbians or Moslems.

Jeff said...

Liberal? Haven't you been paying attention? Turns out Imus was a conservative all along.
Essentially it didn't matter that Imus has done a lot of good things, when it became clear that advantage could be taken and pandering could be done, Imus was thrown under the bus. Hence the slow motion reaction from CBS and MSNBC. "Ok we think that was bad and we will strongly talk to him. OK we now think it was worse than we what thought so we are suspending him. Ok, we thought about it and we are firing him." By Monday, they should have gallows erected for him. The basketball team should have just considered the source and blown it off. Instead we are getting "I think I am scarred for life". My God. 60 years ago you could actually be killed and buried in a earth dam. Today some 112 year old guy that no one outside of his echo chamber took seriously and your scarred for life?

EagleDriver said...

althouse: "Jsf: Interesting theory, but how do you square it with the case that is glaring in the news today, the firing of Imus?"

The vast majority of liberals who do not listen to Imus and who are paying attention to this skirmish think he's conservative - because of his cowboy hat.

Therefore, it's ok to fire him...

Ann Althouse said...

Sorry I screwed up the link when I was fixing it. It really works now.

Seven Machos said...

Of course Imus is a conservative.

Aren't all people who say negative, racist things by their very nature conservatives? And isn't it true that all conservatives are people who say -- or, certainly, we all know -- believe negative, racist things?

Ergo, Don Imus is a conservative.

Maxine Weiss said...

OFF TOPIC: Ann, Tammy Bruce has got racy photos of women in panties up on her site.

(Wow, that got everyone's attention, at this late hour!)

I'm serious, go here:


I posted a comment telling her to take it down---don't know if she printed what I wrote. But, I think it's horrible, and completely undercuts her reputation as a political blogger.

I expect Althouse to have something to say about this travesty, given the Jessica Valenti thing.

Peace, Maxine

RK Jones said...

As someone who has received a small number of death threats (fewer than 5), allow me to just ask, who the hell calls ahead? If one has decided that murder is apparently the correct response to whatever perceived injustice, wouldn't one just do that? As far as I can tell, death threats are th 21st century equivalent of the flaming sack of dog poo, and shouldn't be taken seriously. Death threats...Bah, who hasn't gotten death threats?


RK Jones

sonicfrog said...

I've only had one death threat since I started blogging, but it doesn't count since I sent it to myself... hey, I was feeling left out!

PS, Max, that was a weird and totally non-nonsensical sidebar, given that T Bruce is a reformed feminist.

RK Jones said...

It should also be noted that the comments on Kos' site included at least one reference to the hoary myth of the "rule of thumb." It's disappointing to see this urban legend still being draged out for public display.

RK Jones

Mindsteps said...

Sometimes, when my posts have errors it is due to my rush to respond to something I have read that has upset me.

Mindsteps said...

I am a relative rookie to this blog and the blogosphere more generally, and am trying to decipher this post. Therefore, I am open to some guidance here.

How do the relationships between Kos's post, the blogger code of conduct,and liberal men support Prof. Althouse's unfavorable view of feminists?

Unless she is privy to more information than she shared, to me, the rationale embodied in this post is far more illuminating of Prof. Althouse's state of mind, then it is of the 'sad' state of feminism.

This is not to say that Prof. Althouse is incorrect in the following characterization (i.e. 1. Liberal men never were feminists. The just pretend like they are until their own interests conflict. Thanks for serving up the evidence for something I've been saying all along. 2. Those whining, repressive victimologists.). I wouldn't know, because I do not know much about feminism, have not discussed feminism with liberal men, and have not been exposed to many feminists.

I just don't understand how Kos's post provides solid evidence for Prof. Althouse's conclusions.

Is it possible that the Professor holds these beliefs quite strongly and scans her world for evidence she deems supportive?

The Exalted said...

so, because kos says some random blogger needs to grow a thicker set of skin, this means all liberal men don't support feminism? ann, this doesn't even mean that kos doesn't support feminism, it has nothing to do with feminism.

you're a ridiculous person.

Badger 6 said...

People try to kill me everyday with roadside bombs and sniper fire. Not sure it has anything to do with my blogging though.

I can guarantee you though that none of them are feminists.

Jeff said...

"1. Liberal men never were feminists."

Sensitive New-Age Guy, anyone?

PS- why is Blogger now in German?

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Doug said...

To The Exhalted:

I have just been back from reading a few feminist websites, and they are stating that Kos and many in his community are not feminists, that DailyKos resembles a boys locker room. Here is a comment from one of them:

Another misogynist Liberal Dude (TM).

It really bothers me that sites like Daily Kos are supposedly the epicenters of the progressive blogosphere, when the truth is that they hate women just as much as Bill Donahue or anyone else.

That's why I read feminist blogs, almost exclusively.

Posted by: Jenny Dreadful

silverpie said...

Jeff: Somehow, your browser is set to ask for pages in German. I see the same items in French (Ce blog n'autorise pas les commentaires anonymes.) Somewhat on the topic, though, a well done to Rutgers and an even bigger one to TENNESSEE!

Michael said...

Don Imus: Once a liberal supporter of John Kerry who called for Cheney's impeachment, now another evil neocon death beast.

It would be nice if some of you commenters realized that each and every one of you is just one unguarded remark away from being excommunicated from the Church of Holy Liberalism, but sadly one of the hallmarks of the post-modern liberal is the unshakable faith that what happened to all your ex-liberal friends can possibly happen to you, because you are Special and they were always secretly traitors with gun racks and BBQ grills hidden in their closets, anyhow.

hdhouse said...

hmmmm ann said:
"1. Liberal men never were feminists. The just pretend like they are until their own interests conflict."

i might have misread. did you say that? it must have been a misprint. massive typo. someone got her password and said something like this hoping to make ann look like a fool.

I share your outrage ann...I mean what Nappy headed Ho would say such a thing.

Omaha1 said...

It would be hard for a man to be a real feminist in this day and age, if he wasn’t a civil rights lawyer or something similar. As a woman, I don’t see many big feminist battles looming on the horizon. Certainly I have dealt with male “attitudes” and “old-boy networks” at times, but I feel that I have been treated very fairly in the workplace since the 80’s. I am grateful for the efforts of the real feminists that went before me. It would be nice if women were not valued for their physical attributes, but the tenets of Darwinism (now endorsed by all self-respecting leftists) help to explain why men still enjoy looking at young, beautiful women with large breasts and small waists.

Death threats, whatever. I can understand why Kathy Sierra was creeped out by the photoshops of her picture, but any moron with a computer can post death threats. I hope that I would never let such a low-life have any real influence over me or my opinions and behavior.

JorgXMcKie said...

For those wondering about point 1, all I can say is, "where were all those liberal male feminists when Michelle Malkin was the subject?"

A real feminist would stand up regardless of who the victim was.

Those who did not stand up against the obloquy and threats against Malkin are thus not true feminists.


Revenant said...

For those wondering about point 1, all I can say is, "where were all those liberal male feminists when Michelle Malkin was the subject?"

Why use the past tense? Lefties are still referring to her with terms like "prostitute".

Aaron said...

Most feminists have stood up against the comments against Malkin (and similarly Coulter). Two examples.

They can't possibly speak up every time a woman gets a nasty email; they would never write about anything else.

They can (and do) speak up when "A-List" people are anti-feminist.

Aaron said...

Just to be clear, I want to say that by "nasty email" I did not mean the kind of comments that Kathy Sierra was getting.

I only meant the racist/sexist emails (which are several shades less bad, although still bad) and I was saying that people do (and should) speak out against them.

gawker said...

Have you bothered to find out what the other "liberal men" in the blogosphere think about Kos' comment? Probably not. What a lazy asinine blogpost, even more so than usual.