April 5, 2007

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

Chris and the coffee cup

Chris and the coffee.

ADDED: Can you believe I put this picture up without even noticing there's an image of a naked woman in it? Someone had to point it out! I see my son, of course, and then the big cup of coffee. I saw the pig too. But the woman? My brain processed her as the steam from the coffee cup. So you know where my mind is. The post title tells you.


SteveR said...

OMG breasts!!! Vortex warning for Travis County Texas until 10 pm

Joe said...

There is a guy and a big cup of coffee in there? Oh, there it is! Must be one of those optical illusions.

Daryl Herbert said...

Coffee, pigs, naked women, gay men--what do these things have in common?

Peter Palladas said...

If one may say so, this photograph could sell big time in any manual of picture taking.

Never have I seen a finer example of the Golden Rule of informal street portraiture: always check there is no background object - flying pig's penis - seeming to invade subject's head.

David said...

Swine, Fleisch, Child, and the "Devil's Brew!"

I wonder if the ACLU can incorporate this tableau into the Flying Imams lawsuit?! The coffee is undoubtedly Arabica.

Pogo said...

But of course, she is the steam from the coffee cup. Well, the steam anyway, damn the cup.

And Peter, good call on the pig-mounting-cabeza problem. Gives the whole scene a slight Hieronymus Bosch vibe.

Synova said...

LOL, I didn't see the naked woman either until I was told it was there. Then I had to look and still didn't see it right away.

giles said...

What I want to know is, how on earth can you be a foodie and visit Austin but not go to the Salt Lick, or drive the half hour to Smitty's and Kreuz Market?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I seem to think there are clouds in your coffee.

AJD said...

Such a cherful young man!

When is he heading off to fight in that war you support so strongly?

Maxine Weiss said...

ajd said: Such a "cherful" young man!

Cherful ???

What you really mean is ...Madonnaful !


Peace, Maxine

Internet Ronin said...

Like Synova, I had to look for her to find her - was too bowled over by the cup (and the pig).

AlphaLiberal said...

Fill `er up!

bill said...

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee is also a track from the brilliant (and deeply, deeply disturbed) Deep Inside a Cop's Mind. Here's background.

The original version is a country song by Dave Dudley--original lyrics. Here's Jim Goad's reworking:

starts off with a clip from Dragnet:

Friday: Gannon, I got a new kind since I saw you last. Chocolate orange with marshmallow, toasted almonds with peanuts on top.
Gannon: Well, I guess I'll dry one after all.
Friday: Give it a little shot of whipped cream, too, if you like Bill.
Gannon: No...well, alright.
Friday: I'm sure you'll like it, Gannon. Been selling like hot cakes.

note: bolded text differs from original song.

Some men drink alcohol some men drink juices from the vine
But as for me I'm very simple give me coffee every time
Make it warm and make it sweet just the way my life has been
Give me coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
And let me tell you you have found yourself a friend

Jelly donut early in the morning nibblin' on a chocolate eclair
Bavarian cream right around noon time and I'm still staring at that cruller over there
I want a donut I want it now Donut is a policeman's gasoline

Give me coffee a couple of donuts and a little more coffee
'Cause you don't want to see a cop like me get mean

A cup of china a silver spoon cream out of a golden can
See that pot ah it's a percolatin' and it's just like a music from a band
These old bones are tired and weary but man you perk him up again
Give me coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
I guarantee that you have found yourself a friend

Yes sir you have found yourself a friend
I guarantee that you have found yourself a friend

Bissage said...

Don't want no sugar in my coffee.

It'll make me mean.

Make me mean.

rothmatisseko said...

Women going topless is completely legal in Travis Co. unless it's done for "titillation." No kidding.

There's a topless march downtown every year to remind everyone. ;)

Bill said...

Maybe part of the problem is that gravity seems to pointing in a different direction on the woman (up and to the right?) than on the rest of the scene. For that matter, why isn't the coffee spilling out of the cup?

Theo Boehm said...
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Theo Boehm said...

Another connection between coffee and sex is in Bach's Coffee Cantata (BWV 211), written around 1732.  If you don't know it, check it out.  It's absolutely hilarious.  The basic idea is that Herr Schlendrian is trying to get his daughter Liesgen to give up coffee.  He tries all kinds of threats, but they're not working on her.  He finally threatens to not let her get married.  That does the trick.  She sings a little aria where she sighs, "Ach, ein Mann!" and wants her father to get moving on the marriage stuff, today.

The narrator then explains that no suitor will have any luck unless he agrees in the marriage contract to let her make coffee whenever she wants.  It all ends with a mini-chorus made of popular tunes of the day with a text that asks how you could be opposed to daughters drinking coffee when the mothers and grandmothers are at it, too.

Along the way, Liesgen sings a love aria to coffee in b minor with flute accompaniment.  This is a laugh-out-loud parody of a standard love song in operas of the day.  Here's the text:

Ei! wie schmeckt der Coffee süße,
Lieblicher als tausend Küsse,
Milder als Muskatenwein.
    Coffee, Coffee muss ich haben,
    Und wenn jemand mich will laben,
    Ach, so schenkt mir Coffee ein!

Oh! How sweet coffee tastes,
Lovelier than a thousand kisses,
Milder than muscatel wine.
    Coffee, coffee, I must have it,
    And if someone wants to give me a treat,
    Well, just fill my cup with coffee!

Coffee with a spoonful or two of inuendo is nothing new.