March 3, 2007

"Clowns in dreadlocks escorting the casket draped in rhinestone-studded satin."

Losers in gaudy, ragamuffin clothes, camera hogs and hangers-on.

Poor Anna Nicole, a trashy life, and a sleazy death, and in the end a horrible, tasteless funeral. All of it awful, but somehow fitting.

Is the commentary on bad taste in bad taste?
The casket remained closed - draped with a satin, feather-fringed quilt.

Rhinestones spelled out her signature and the trademark smiley face she used when giving autographs.

Even though the coffin was closed, no one was left in any doubt what Anna Nicole was wearing - what would have been an eye-catching, Oscar-worthy gown: pink and white, embroidered with a heart across the bodice - and revealed in all its glory on "Entertainment Tonight." And a tiara.

Are they just making stuff up?


somefeller said...

One thing's for sure, by referring to Slash as "has-been rocker Slash of Guns N' Roses fame", this writer shows she knows nothing about rock music. Slash has gone on to sell millions of records and sell-out concert tours with Velvet Revolver. Velvet Revolver isn't as good a band as Guns N' Roses, or Stone Temple Pilots for that matter (the lead singer is Scott Weiland, formerly of STP), but to say that Slash is now a has-been shows that this writer doesn't know a damn thing about celebrity in the hard rock world (which is where Slash lives, after all).

Ron said...

I find it very touching that you keep giving Anna Nicole more dignity and respect than Anna Nicole gave herself.

Of course they showed the dress on ET! If you don't mind them commenting on your contractions while giving birth, what's left to not share? I'm surprised they haven't made her skull a rhinestone-coated drinking goblet for Siegfried and Roy!

I doubt that Liberace could pull off having a rhinestone covered casket.

Even the funeral of Emmett Kelly could not dignify "dreadlock clown" pallbearers, face it!

But, hey, keep fighting the good fight!

hdhouse said...

My father suggested to me once that a definition of your life was who showed up to bury you.

I know scant details of her life but it seems unlikely that she deserved this.

Craig Landon said...

I know scant details of her life but it seems unlikely that she deserved this.

Ditto. And she had nothing to do with it (one hopes).