March 3, 2007

Futurism, intentional and found.

Here we are in the Futurism room of the Museum of Modern Art:


I love that there's a woman in a yellow coat here, and I love her spatial relationshiop to the man and to the Futurist painting and sculpture. (The sculpture is Umberto Boccioni's Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (1913).)

Then there's this, a woman in big polka dots hustles past a Leger painting:

Found futurism

Fernand Leger is not a Futurist, but my Sony camera is futuristic enough to correct for motion, and in grabbing and stilling the moving image of the woman, it gave a speeding forward look to the Leger painting, "Three Women," in the background. Found Futurism!


Adam L said...

Do people ever object when you snag a picture of them like that?

This is a serious question.

I think I would be annoyed if somebody was snapping pictures of me while I was trying to look at some art. Do you wait there with the camera out until they walk past, so that you don't appear to be a paparazzo?

Ann Althouse said...

Adam: The answer is no. It's a public place, and I don't get close to them.

Simon said...

Ann - isn't the answer "very rarely, but sometimes" ("I get a look I interpret as disapproving, but I show the picture to the young woman in green, and she smiles and gives me permission to use it")?

Ann Althouse said...

But she didn't object. She was just noticing, and I made a point of asking her if it was okay, really, mainly because her looking up made her face more obvious than it would have been in the picture I was composing. The fact that she didn't object suggests that other people don't either.

Adam L said...

Hmmm. I dunno, I'm not sure that just because I am in a public place that I would not take offense if I noticed a stranger was taking a picture of me.

Maybe I'm just a misanthrope, but I think I might flip out, and say something like "You've stolen my sooooul!" :-)

Ann Althouse said...

Well, Adam, maybe you should worry about them looking at you. How can you bear it?

Ann Althouse said...

Actually, these pictures were taken in NYC (obviously) and I thought people there were impressively casual and easygoing about mingling in a public space.