February 13, 2007

Audible Althouse #79.

It's a podcast about the odd last day on a blog called Althouse. What am I really trying to do here? What was that post today that meant so much to me... and why?

You can stream it right through your computer here.

But everyone with inner purity is rushing to subscribe on iTunes:
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Simon said...

Re was it Hillary who "dredged up" Marcotte's record - it doesn't take much dreding! ;) I mean, you really only have to take as much as a cursory glance at Pandagon to get a feel for her views.

chuck b. said...

You're cracking me up with that "we are the number one planet!"

Simon said...

LOL, you make Mitt sounds like a hippy. ;)

Ron said...

The Michigan I've been raised in is more about violence and poverty, oh, yeah, and some cars! Mitt must be one of those West Side of the state moonies. If he were a true youper, that'd be cool...Marquette needs a posse, knowwhatI'msayin?

Hell, I'm not sure we're better than Jupiter with that big honkin' Red Spot!

Ron said...

Hey, maybe you were named after The Ann Arbor News! I'd like to think that!

Ron said...

By the end of the podcast, I felt that Althouse was longing for her days in the RC, where a degree could be acquired in one's bathrobe and slippers. Bathing optional!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Any truth to the rumor that you're going to New York this week?

Sha la la la la la pa-LA-dian'll be there.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I've got a Nikon camera. I'd love to take a photograph.

peter hoh said...

Number 79 doesn't appear to be up on itunes. Or maybe it's just me.

vbspurs said...

So, it's up to me to ask the question on everyone's minds, right?

Thanks a lot, guys.

Okay, Ann, it's like this. I have a question about your podcast. Not about its content, but about your state during the taping of.

Namely, did you partake of the Mary Jane when you recorded it?

You sound AWFUL happy.


Ann Althouse said...

Victoria: The last time I smoked marijuana was at a Kinks concert in the early 70s.

I was drinking a glass of red wine. (You can hear the glass clink a couple times.)

Molon_Labe_Lamp said...


Your short sentence theme made me think of a quote I've always loved.

Everything should be as simple as possible but no simpler.
-A. Einstein