February 13, 2007

"American Idol" -- Hollywood.

"You sang through your nose! And halfway through you looked like you'd been boiled." That line of Simon's was just about the only thing that amused me tonight. While the judges told people they were boring, I was finding the show boring. It was too hard to locate the individuals I'd found interesting during the original auditions, and the editing focused on a few characters who got emotional (especially if they were interacting with their mothers) and the age-old problem of forgetting song lyrics.

Let's see what Jacob says over at Television Without Pity:
Baylie joins with BFFs Amanda and Antonella, and that's three people I don't care whether they live or die, but suffice to say Baylie and either Amanda or Antonella go home, and Amanda? You're repulsive, and also God called, and He said you're quote "kind of slutty." The reliable Gina Glocksen and her buddy lonelygirl15 (who's either Jessica Gordon or Marisa Rhodes) have a time with variably fake-Colombian Perla, who has no idea what the hell she's doing, and is the only one to go home, thankfully. Sundance looks scared and sounds bad, and SCREAMS like a JERK, but gets through. Jacob all-time favorites Chris Sligh, Blake Lewis, and Tom Lowe -- and that guy Rudy that tried to bone Ryan -- form a veritable SUPERGROUP that ruins the curve for all people. I almost cried I loved that so much: see it if you can.
Yeah, the supergroup was good! And I appreciate Jacob's intensely compressed description, which is not easy to do, especially with that much accuracy and humor. (Why were they giving Sundance a pass?)

Maybe I've watched too many of these Hollywood shows, or maybe the contestants aren't screwing up as spectacularly as in the past, or maybe it's bad to mix podcasting and "American Idol," but I didn't have too much fun watching tonight.


Alcibiades said...

It was just a boring show. I used the time to catch up on the Libby Trial, which is oodles of fun right now because Russert was caught in a lie on the stand.

SteveR said...

I agree, a useless show in many respects. I really didn't learn much about anyone. And although they tweaked the image started with the BFF frolicking at the beach, it wasn't in the right direction.

Seems like they crammed a normally two hour show into one hour. They went through a hundred folks in about 30 minutes

Irene Done said...

I never can get interested in the Hollywood audition shows. Too many people, too many short-lived storylines. Last night I switched it on right as Baylie forgot her lyrics and was a little disappointed that I missed what looked like drama! and intrigue! with those two girls from Jersey. Still, I always skip this part until we get the to the point when we can vote.

Rick Lee said...

I'm surprised nobody is talking about what'shisname the little gay boy with the horrible mother (on the phone). Could you believe that? It was incredible drama but it was so personal and awful that I'm embarrassed that it was actually on television.

If you didn't see it, this kid was interviewed talking about how getting through to Hollywood caused his mother to be happy and proud whereas before she had always said that the kid made bad decisions and wouldn't amount to anything. When he got the through the first round in Hollywood, he called her and she was really happy and said that she loved him and she was so proud. Off the phone, he was so excited because he said that she never tells him that she loves him. He got through the next round and there was a similar phone call and he was really, really happy to make his mother proud. When he finally got cut at the end of the show, he makes the tearful call to his mother who, when hearing the news, just hangs up on him.

PatCA said...

I also loved the Supergroup! I played it back it was so good. I'd pay to see them tomorrow.

And Baylie is 16. I'm sure she's getting lots of attention from movers and shakers but she probably should grow up a little before being Hollywoodized.

I also like what I heard Randy say on 60 Minutes, that Idol is about people telling The Suits what they like, not the other way around. IOW it's like the internet, where we demand and get information and opinion on our own instead of the network Suits.

XWL said...

Turns out that annoying (and really hot) Perla from Colombia, doesn't sound half bad when she's singing in Spanish and has the full force of studio wizardry behind her.

(and her blog posts are about as you'd expect)