January 24, 2007

"When the music does take a moment to catch its breath, a mellifluous voice emerges."

So reads the Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages, writing about Cougar, a musical group with a "post-rock's tone" and "a pedigree in jazz":

Turns out that Cougar's "vocalist" is none other than ubiquitous constitutional law commentator Ann Althouse, a professor at the U of W. "Trent was a law student," Skogen laughs. "We picked her lectures because she's got such a cool cadence of speech. The timbre and phrasing of her speech all sounded so nice."

Here's "my" group:

Hey, all you current students, I hope when you're putting up with me going on and on about sovereign immunity or some such thing, you appreciate the cool cadence of speech, the timbre, and the phrasing. You've got to pause now and then and think, man, this is mellifluous.

(Here's an earlier post of mine about Cougar. Here's their MySpace page, showing lots of upcoming shows in the next few weeks, including one in Madison.)


Anonymous said...

C'mon, Ann, you have to perform with your band live in Madison, at least!

Spike out the hair, wear a Marbury/Madison t-shirt, rip a pair of jeans, wear those orange, er, red clogs!

Turn the commerce clause into a Power Ballad! You're the legal Annie Lennox!

Anonymous said...

..or perhaps the legal Laurie Anderson! "Let X=X" could be a signature number for your melliflutuity!

DannyNoonan said...

Their video could be you circling letters on a chalkboard over and over again.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

ubiquitous constitutional law commentator

Shouldn't that make the masthead?