January 23, 2007

"I know that for me, I need to get over the fear..."

Says Melinda Doolittle, auditioning for "American Idol." She's a background singer, taking a chance, stepping forward, and they reach out and offer her a hand, as she sings Stevie Wonder, "For Once in My Life." "You walk in," Simon says, "with no confidence, no attitude, and yet you are... a brilliant singer... You are... what it's all about."

Yes, there was a whole hour show, and, in fact, I did watch it, but I'm just going to leave this little message for Melinda. We're looking for someone to love. And we love you.


LoafingOaf said...

Did you catch Simon dissing Taylor Hicks after the guy called "Sundance" auditioned? Simon, under his breath, said it blew Taylor out of the water.

vbspurs said...

I loved her a HECK of a lot more than that Shakira look-and-sound-alike, who seems to be the punters' early favourite.

And though Melinda was great, three cheers for the Fidel Castro dude! The lad can sing.

Although, he looked like he could harbour small woodland animals in that bush.


Anonymous said...

She was incredible. She definitely should not be a backup singer. It was almost sad how shy and timid she was. She is what makes the show great; instead of being one of the nincompoops who can't sing but think they are God's gift to music, she has the goods and doesn't even realize it.

Also I loved Sundance Head. What a name. He had a great voice too.

Those two are very likely going to go far, and they are the cream of the crop so far.

Ann Althouse said...

Loafing: Simon also insulted Taylor HIcks to his face after virtually every performance last year. He also told Kellie Pickler, last year when she was a contestant, that she was better than Carrie Underwood, the previous year's winner. So I'm not surprised he said that. 1. He never liked Taylor. 2. He has a big interest in promoting the current show.

Anonymous said...

Melinda Doolittle is a wonderful name -- she could have sung all night! -- and for me, her audition made the whole hour worth it.

Anonymous said...

Both Melinda and Sundance were just tremendous! I watched last night's show at my girls' gym as they practiced, and the usually noisy lobby was just silent while she sang.

Between them and the 16-year old kid from NY today, once they get to H'wood it should be really interesting.

MrsWhatsit said...

The transformation in Melinda while she sang was just astonishing. Her body unhunched and opened up, the doubt went out of her face, and that glorious voice emerged. But even more astonishing, when she stopped singing, she snapped right back into her previous terrified persona, as though she had no idea at all what she had just accomplished.

I loved her. Liked Sundance Head a whole lot, too.