January 1, 2007


Write shorter blog posts. Blog posts will be as short as I can make them. Crisp! Honed with a sharp edge. Look out.


Ruth Anne Adams said...
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hdhouse said...

gd 4 u

Anonymous said...


David said...

Size Matters!

Anonymous said...


The one thing that annoys me the most here is when I perceive that you're in "law prof" mode, trying to provoke a response, make your readers analyse and think about that response, and then (perhaps) have something equally pithy to say about the subject at hand.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but what irks me is that I want to know what you think. Shorter blog posts sounds to me like we'll be getting more thought-provoking blurbs, and even less Althousian analysis and response than before.

So, are you trying to drive away your readers? Your blog, your decisions, of course, but my perception has always been that a good part of the reason you do this is to advance yourself in some way -- and you're doing a great job of that -- and again it seems to me that these recent decisions will have a negative impact if that is indeed your goal.

The blogosphere already has an Instapundit in TN, it doesn't need one in Madison, too.

Anonymous said...

The goal: more misunderstandings.

*edit edit scribble scribble*

Goal? Misunderstandings.

Of course, I say this as one who takes 100 words to clear my throat.

Happy New Year, Ann.

John Kindley said...

"Write shorter blog posts. Blog posts will be as short as I can make them. Crisp! Honed with a sharp edge. Look out."

. . . But not so short and sharp that they're nothing more than sweeping generalizations that appear designed to piss people off for no good reason!

Ann Althouse said...

They won't be sweeping generalizations. They'll be sharpened points... designed to piss people off.

Bissage said...

So, Joan's not into the koan.

She's not alone.

But me?

I feel at home.

Ron said...

Aren't there plenty of blogs whose intention is to piss people off? Do we need another?

peter hoh said...

A good blog is like a good restaurant experience, without the smarmy wait staff. There should be some appetizers -- crisp, delightful morsels that stimulate the palate. The entree gives the chef a chance to show off his or her skill, and gives us something to chew on.

We won't pass up dessert. It gives us something to nibble at and enjoy slowly. Something that lingers.

We want to be surprised, delighted, and sometimes challenged. We don't want what we can whip up ourselves, and we don't want something that looks like it just came out of a can.

Conversation with our tablemates is every bit as important as the meal itself. Do we need to dress to the nines? Pehaps not, but some of us will be wearing nice shoes. It would be nice if everyone at the table used good manners, but that's meta manners. We don't care which fork a fellow diner uses to eat his pie or salad, but we don't want to see
his mouth open while he's chewing.

Meade said...

Counter-resolution: I will write longer, more nutrient-dense full-fat complex-flavored comments to fewer blog posts. Organic, handmade, and free of additives... designed to cheer the downtrodden, lift up the oppressed, and nourish the IQ-laden pisser-offers awash in their own starvation mode stomach ghrelin.

I'll call them... com-posts.

Anonymous said...

My suggestions for extra crispiness . . .

(the original)

Write shorter blog posts. Blog posts will be as short as I can make them. Crisp! Honed with a sharp edge. Look out.


Write shorter posts. They will be as short as I can make. Crisp! Honed. Look out.


There aren't any other kind of post we would read here, so the word 'blog' is both unnecessary and clunky.

Replacing the word posts with 'they' is a matter of style, and to prevent the immediate repetition of the same word.

'Them' at the end of the second sentence is implied, we know you are referring to posts, so dropping that word won't change the meaning.

'Honed' already strongly implies that the goal is a sharp edge, to add "with a sharp edge" is redundant.

These are just suggestions, but I think comparing the original with the edit, you'll have to agree that the meaning is identical, but the edit is at least 17.3% more pithy.

While I'm posting, Happy New Year!

(and isn't a touch ironic that the a pedantic attempt to increase your pithiness greatly decreases my pithiness?)

John Kindley said...

"They won't be sweeping generalizations."

Now THAT'S a New Year's Resolution!

(Love ya Ann:)

Anonymous said...

Meade: com-posts.

Very good. Very good indeed!

Anonymous said...

Ann, I admire your resolution to write shorter blog posts. Sounds like a refreshing antidote to those neverending, whiny rants that the Sphere's lefties are so fond of! But I'd like to suggest a second resolution (and who says you can only have one??? :)) -- more simulblogging!

By far, my favorite Althouse moments always happen when you're in simulblog mode (and they did make up 20% of the year's best posts, after all)! So why not ring in the new year with a new simulblog? Since there aren't any events or awards shows for a while, I suggest that you simulblog SWAP.avi. :) I really think that it complements the tone and intent of your bloggership, and besides its one of my favorite films. :) Thanks!

ASX said...

My opinion: It's not necessary. Your blog posts are fine, lengthwise, as they have always been.

I don't want to read a bunch of snappy Instaputz like one-liners.

Substance is more important than speed.

Randy said...

Crisp! Honed with a sharp edge. Look out.

I'm moist with anticipation.