January 1, 2007

"Book deals for bloggers/Blogs for bloggers."

Just one paired item from the WaPo's New Year's "out and in" list. I do tend to think bloggers belong on blogs. It's all about the time-stamp-frequent-update format. (Or is it all about writing?) But the WaPo is scarcely disinterested, and I look askance at anything that could have sprung from that old MSM urge to minimize bloggers.

Checking out the rest of the list....
[out] Beatlesesque.... [in] Springsteenesque
Bleh! It's a good time to retreat into the iPod, then, or to curl up inside hyperfocused satellite radio channels. (Did you know XM and Sirius may merge?)

More from the WaPo list:
[out] Wrestling-coach voice.... [in] Mother-of-five voice
Ha. That's right under pictures of Dennis Hastert and Nancy Pelosi.


George said...

Has there been a single book by a blogger that's done well?

Here's a link to an article about books by bloggers....


Thin gruel.

Whenever I read "six-figure deal," I think, sure--$100K, less the agent's 15%, less taxes leaves a whopping $40 grand net...paid out over 18 months or two years. Then, factor in what the author has to pay to promote the book himself by creating his own website and/or hiring his own PR firm.....

DonSurber said...

It's all about the book deal

bearbee said...

Thank you the link.......I would have missed that eBay was 'out' and that 1stdibs.com was 'in' and would have missed the chance to consider this pair of chairs .

Again, thank you.

Donald Douglas said...

I keep checking back over here to see if you'll post on the New York Times' piece on the party-crowd-led revival of downtown Madison, Wisconsin. I posted on it myself! Looks like a great place to go to college, although local residents aren't too happy with the 2:00am closing time revellers deposting beer bottles on their lawns!

Burkean Reflections

sonicfrog said...

When will "PhilCollinsesque" be *in???

♫ Just say the words, oh!
Su Su Sudeo... ♫

Slim999 said...

This post could have been a LOT more crisp:

The headline should have been:

WaPo: "Book deals for bloggers/Blogs for bloggers

And the content:


Now that's some crispy bloggin'.

Susan said...

Jeese, I never got to partake in 90% of those things and now they're already out.

Jacob said...

George, what about John Scalzi? He has one of the oldest blogs on the internet, put his first two novels on his website for his blog readers, got a publisher directly because of that and this book was then heavily permoted by bloggers (Instapundit etc.)

The novel (and his later ones) did pretty well and won him the John W. Campbell award.

bill said...

Was there a book deal for this?

From "A woman named Ann Althouse" responds:

I'll put it on my list of possible titles for the memoir I'm writing about my life as a blogger.