December 10, 2006

Wingra in winter.

Lake Wingra today. You could play basketball:

The park in winter

But it was a perfect day for iceboating:

The park in winter

The frozen custard stand is open.

Frozen custard stand in winter

Well, just get the BBQ pork rib sandwich with french fries and soda for $4.99, then. See, we're not food nannies here in Madison, Wisconsin. Where even the manhole covers glow with comforting warmth:

Madison manhole cover


JohnF said...

BBQ Pork. Mmmmmmm..... [drool]. And no trans fat! Just good old lard and protein. And probably something healthful in the sauce.

Mark Daniels said...

The frozen custard stand looks a lot like a hot dog stand I went to in Denmark, close to the Baltic five years ago. We were surprised to learn that hot dogs are hugely popular in Denmark and there are hot dog stands everywhere. The one that looked like this custard place had an enormous pictorial menu above the "frontline" where orders were given. It featured something like twenty-five different ways to have your hot dog fixed. I had mine with ketchup, mustard, mayo, and cucumbers, the latter being something they favor over pickles. I don't like hot dogs, but the ones in Denmark were incredible. Maybe our Danishes are better than theirs.

Thanks for the memory, Ann.


Anonymous said...


You have discovered the visual mystery of Wisconsin winters. Now, add the taste of tap beer in your nostrils when you walk out of a pub like the Laurel into a cold Wisconsin winter and you will have the full effect.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I notice a high salt content with that manhole cover.

S.T. Steiner said...


I can relate. I was in my hometown in the USA for one week, and noticed that there is a Wendy's, a White Castle's, 2 McDonald's, in this small city, but no hot dog stand, such as Michael's of Madison. So I marched on over to the local K-Mart (department store) to get my Vienna Hot Dog, and I ordered 2, only with a fork and a knife (ie. German W├╝rstchen) and also ketchup and mustard. *So of all the fast food restaurants in town, which also include: pizza, fried chicken, & tacos; I chose to dine for lunch at K-Mart with their "blue-light" special.

Ann ~ thanks for the link to Nina's website with photos of Krakow.

bearing said...

I love the last photo.

LarryK said...

QuietNorth - you do know that the Laurel Tavern is practically next door to Michael's, right?

Ann Althouse said...

It's the brick building. He must know!