December 10, 2006

Audible Althouse #74.

It's time for another podcast.

Topics: Too busy to podcast but doing it anyway. I saw the movie "Borat." The trouble with political blogging. Banning trans fat, the sin of gluttony, and "empty stomach intelligence." My possibly thick skin. And finally: crotchgate!

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What Does It Matter Anyways? said...

Ann, borat is a complete piece of crap. Plain and simple. If he amused you, great.

Bas-O-Matic said...

Ann, step away from the blogosphere. Please.

You are ruining it!

Anonymous said...

I got my Christmas present early and I'm, finally, the proud owner of an Ipod! (I know, welcome to the 21st century, right?) But you'll be glad to know one of the reasons I gave for "needing" one was to listen to the podcasts from Althouse.

In the early days of your podcasts, I criticized them for their length and your delivery. I've only listened to a few since then and found no reason to change my opinion but I downloaded the one from December 3rd and I have to say, well, it was still too long. Though your delivery has improved - you seem more comfortable with doing the 'cast and less self-aware. I was disappointed, too, that there was little new red meat to be had: it's pretty much as promised, a recap of the previous week's events. Yawn. For a grudging fan like me, I was already well aware of most of what you covered so I didn't come away thinking I'd had some additional insight into Althouse.

That being said, I'll still listen in. Why pass up the opportunity to be a part of history - imagine what we would do if podcasts existed of Hemingway or Fitzgerald? Some day these Althouse podcasts will be just as valuable, I'm sure. (Though future reviewers will still think they're too long!) The Ipod'll make it easier for my schedule and if you're going to go through the trouble of putting them out there, I should at least take the time to listen and revel in the whole Althouse experience!

American Liberal Elite said...

Re: Crotch

1. Guys have crotches too, so if your thesis is correct, it's not just the vulva that is being wished out of existence.

2. Isn't "crotch" as used in "Crotchgate" just an example of metonymy? Is your ojection grounded in the grating Germanic consonant sounds? Ach!

Ron said...

I assume deadline pressures encouraged you to explore the full range of wit and verve in 'errr' and 'ummm' in this podcast. And if the argument about fat and intelligence holds true, we can assume our podcaster has eaten Althouse whole, thus locking down the Ed Gein Memorial Blogger award.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

It took a little longer to "bring that podcast in for a landing" than I expected.

Best lines: "Brittney Smears"

"It's not called 'Blogging Torsos!'"

"Remember when everything that wasn't macramed was crocheted?"

Ann Althouse said...

I don't think I said "Britney Smears." I think I said "Britney Spheres."

Ruth Anne Adams said...

So you were thinking above the waist and I was thinking below the waist. [I was trying to figure how "smears" sounded more feminine to you and I just presumed, ya know, pap smears.]

I have been misconstruing a lot of funny things lately around here.