December 22, 2006

The war on Christmas.


IN THE COMMENTS: Somebody doesn't get the Althouse blog.


Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

Why is the right-wing utterly obsessed with creating a "War on Christmas," and sorry, Professor Althouse, but in my view, you fit right in with the right-wing, at least in this regard.

There continues to be arrests, interrogations, and general persecution of Chinese Christians by the government of the People's Republic of China, and Profesor Althouse and others are complaining about a group of Chinese students who are criticizing "Western cultural invasion?"

Hell, five years ago, the same rabid Christian evangelicans who are now crying "War on Christmas! War on Christmas!" would have agreed with some of these student complaints! Five years ago, religious leaders were complaining about the secularization of Christmas, the lack of religon in the festivities, and its ilk. And according to the article Professor Althouse cited, Chinese Christmas and Valentine's Day have both been hyped by the usual suspects: retailers. In a communist country that is hardly open to religion in general, ten students have complained about a secular/religious shopping binge. This is a War on Christmas? Ten students?

There are real issues at play. Church leaders continue to vanish into the clutches of the Ministry of State Security, as do some church members. Focus on what really matters.

altoids1306 said...

Err... I think what is beyond a reasonable doubt is that you need to chill out. Althouse wrote six words, you decide to go ballistic.

I'm pretty sure she meant to invoke the "War on Christmas" in a ironic, sardonic sense. She's always been skeptical about organized religion, although, unlike you, she does not metamorph into a crazed stray dog at the mere scent of a leather Bible.

David53 said...

Focus on what really matters.

During this holiday season I am especially thankful for those more intelligent souls who strive to keep us focused on what really matters. Perhaps beyond can post a list of appropriate issues to blog about. It would be very helpful for all of us.

AlaskaJack said...

Heck, the Chinese make about 95% of the Xmas decorations sold over here. It was bound to rub off sooner or later.

bill said...

I agree with david53. Often I've found myself distracted with my own thoughts and opinions and could use someone's help, perhaps the b.a.r.d is that person, to keep me focused on the real issues.

An email I can read upon waking giving my anger and disappointment in humanity a target. Something I can castigate my fellow coworkers with when they waste energy discussing where to go for lunch or what they watched on television. Something to save me the horrible time-wasting activity of reading the actual articles by telling me the subtext I need to know.

Perhaps I'll switch to all gray clothes since colors are distracting and picking out a wardrobe is a lack of focus.

Thank you b.a.r.d. for showing us life is better when we're not obsessive. Your acronym is truly appropriate. It is unfortunate your mother did not catch the name of your father the night they met.

bill said...
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bill said...

(updated) diversion: Jim Knipfel explains the connection between Colonel sanders, Christmas, and Japan.

Dave said...


It's the time of year again?

Who knew?

This Christmas thing. It's about presents, eggnog, maxing out your credit card, getting drunk at holiday parties, and looking forward to the spring thaw, right?

I'm so over Christmas. Me, I'm planning a war on Ramadan. That's where the real action is these days.

The Christians and the secularists should quit taking themselves--and each other--so seriously. Just go out, spend money, indulge your kids, and get the new PlayStation or Wii or car or CD or clothing or house or whatever else you want. Christmas is about propping up the retail economy!


Anonymous said...

I am suitably chastened and, armed with this new directive from on high, am confident beyond a reasonable doubt that I shall avoid any near occasions of sin.

Anonymous said...

Althouse- The internet pier rudderless opinions drift to and crash against when they snap their rode.

Anonymous said...

A longer version of the story is available at the WaPo site.

I went to China last year for a seminar just after Christmas, and there were tons of Christmas related things. I even have a picture somewhere of an ad where Santa and reindeer share a beer. If you think the commercialization of Christmas was over-done here, there was no sign of Jesus over there. I thought it was fascinating.

peter hoh said...

B.A.R.D.'s comment really puts the knee in knee-jerk reaction. Too funny.

I'll propose a new statistic for Althouse fans, and I'll name it the BARDY. A BARDY score is determined by dividing the number of words in a knee-jerk comment by the number of words in the Althouse post that inspired said comment.

B.A.R.D.'s comment is 204 words long. Divide that by the 6 words that Althouse wrote, and we get a BARDY score of 34.

Were the judges to decide that Althouse had only posted 5 words, then the B.A.R.D.'s BARDY score goes up to 40.8.

Dave said...

I think the war on Xmas has been retailers. Even Jews celebrate Xmas now.

Be merry and pile up debt!

David53 said...

The BARDY quotient.

It's not just a number, it's a rational number!

hdhouse said...

geese that Bill Oreally? if he isn't bitting at your sox or chasing a tennis ball, then he is peeing against a tree...or is that ann the censor?

paul a'barge said...

It is unfortunate your mother did not catch the name of your father the night they met.

OK, that does it... that one goes right into my sarcastic rejoinder quiver, and immediately rises to the top.


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