December 23, 2006




hdhouse said...

is pandering a crime?

oh i vote for michelle m. she is even sillier than ann..this is all about being silly right?

David said...


Get a grip! This is serious! Both women are intelligent and provocative. It is a tough decision to choose between the two of them but choose we must.

What stands out for me between Ms Althouse and Ms. Malkin is Ms. Althouse's dry (subtle) humor versus Michelle's no-nonsense cynicism and sarcasm. Both women are credible but differ in their presentation. I read both but read Ms. Althouse first.

The intrepid reader learns from both ladies who exist in a landscape that is, sadly, extremely hard on female intellectuals. The added dimension from Ms. Althouse is the time spend on the Constitution, SCOTUS, and Law review.

I am rewarded by the time spend with both of these gifted women!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I noticed Malkin is closing the gap. For the love of Hubbard, say NOTHING!

Dave said...

So can felons vote?

Simon said...

"[Althouse] is more of an individualist than a doctrinal conservative, although many of her stands on specific issues are rightwing. Above all, she's far less shrill, and far more perceptive, than most of the political commentators on either side."

RLC, on last year's blogress diva contest. A Diva who doesn't stand apart from the crowd, that is, opne who lacks idiosyncrasy and individualism, of course, is scarcely a diva at all. :)

hdhouse said...

lol Ms. Malkin cracks open nuts with her front teeth yet seems to get run over by cars a lot. Lil'dumb'annie just chances cars.

I think its a tie on the dumbometer. Ms. Malkin is ahead on pure idiocy while Ms. Althouse on being an idological whore.

hmmmmm M&A's. Both melt in the mouth of truth and not by the hand of reason lol