December 5, 2006

So happy in my Neanderthal world.

It's been a cool day here on the Althouse blog. First there was the NY Sun crossword puzzle, and now this:

For the new Althouse sideline, check this out, which got touched off here.

For the original Neanderthal post, go here.

And all this talk about Neanderthals has got me thinking:


JohnF said...

OK, Ann. When do you break into the "I'm Too Sexy" dance?

Bruce Hayden said...

I will admit that your new blog is brief. The colors are a bit striking at first, but maybe you should switch this one to that color scheme.

The Duck Goose said...

Why is that woman's spine so horribly twisted? And is this her first shirt? And aren't comic strips supposed to have "jokes" associated with them?

Anonymous said...

Good get on the Day by Day cartoon, Professor Althouse. And whoever set up the anti-Althouse site has a fine sense of humor - as do you for providing the link. Laugh out loud high-larity for fans.

I wonder, though, what the podcasts will sound like over there.

Ann Althouse said...

Bruce: I need to preserve the "dark side" effect.

Goesh said...

No wonder your site meter is nearing the 7 million mark. I'm still stuck trying to figure out who was babysitting the kids when the women were off spearing wooly mammoths with the men.