December 11, 2006

Now, more than ever!

Vote! Remember, it's completely legit to vote every day. That is the process. It would be immoderate to assert otherwise. Know what I mean?

ADDED: Note the official rules:
  • You may vote once every 24 hours in each poll.
  • After voting in an individual poll you will be locked out from voting again in that poll (on the computer you voted from) for 24 hours.
It is absolutely legit to vote every day. Don't let any pseudo-moderates make you think otherwise. Can you say "sore loser"?


Unknown said...


For you.

If you were running for public office in Oakland, CA, you'd owe me a chicken dinner.


Anonymous said...

I tried to vote on Friday, but the website was screwed up. They should let me vote twice today. It's only fair.

stephenb said...

What a subtle yet brilliant campaign you've got going on. Can I sign you up to run the 2008 Republican presidential campaign?

Anonymous said...

Voted. Early and often.

(I believe I detect the outline of a cunning plan to sweep both centrist blog and conservative diva contests.)

CayuteKitt said...

Having followed a link from a favorite blogger's site over to The Moderate Voice, I read their response to your childish sandbox tactics. And posted this comment....I hope you pull back and consider the level of immaturity you are exhibiting over this, Ann...

Posted in comments at TMV:

"As one of the volunteers who have invested countless hours to make the Weblog Awards 2006 a success, and as one of the judges who worked long hours and took a lot of heat over the finalist selections, I have been dismayed at the the ridiculous extremes that Ann Althouse has taken this childish vendetta to, in effect turning the awards into nothing more than a personal p***ing contest.

Ann's blog was on my "weekly" favorites list for quite awhile. Not any longer. I've deleted the bookmark, and will tell her why. TMV will replace her for being mature enough to not only weather this unwarranted attack, but to "remove the target" with a measure of sheer class.

Being Center/Right, I don't know why I've never checked out TMV before. Thanks, Ann. I've been enjoying their archives immensely, and will now add TMV to my -daily- "must read" favorites list."

Ann Althouse said...

I find it hard to believe you're a regular reader, Cayute, since you have no feeling whatsoever for my sense of humor. Why not go somewhere dark and brood, you dreary scold?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your discovery, CayuetteKitt! I'm quite sure that you will enjoy all that TMV has to offer - it seems you found a perfect fit.

(I suggest you empty your shoes of sand before departing, however, as they are pretty humorless about that sort of thing over there and I'd feel really bad if you got into trouble over it.)

I'm Full of Soup said...

Cayutte Kitt claimed to have spent "countless hours".

I must compliment the pollers on the voting proces - it seems to work well and easily. But "countless hours" - what the hell could she be talking about?

Lastly, TMV reminds me of the people who ruined little league when they mandated no keeping score of games cause they did not want anyone to lose.

And I think I better refrain from any more comments at this time or I will regret.

Oh, what the heck, TMV is scared of losing to a woman! Ann, promise to give them back their marbles if they ask nicely.

Ann Althouse said...

They behaved immoderately, and when I call them on it and add that they don't deserve the "Best Centrist Blog" award because of it -- all they do is whine and pitch a fit? If they were moderate, they'd've just apologized and shown me some respect. I am utterly justified in tweaking them -- to use their word -- forever.

Think that's immoderate of me? Tough! I didn't call my blog "The Moderate Althouse." And I campaigned for votes when I was put up as "Best Conservative Blog" one year and "Best Law Blog" the next. Those were rather hard to explain.

And, you know, if they really spent "countless hours" setting up the categories, why do they categorize me this way? My attitude and sharp edges have always been just like you see them now. If you think writing this way makes me undeserving, your long hours of work weren't too well spent.

If you don't want to read me. Don't. If you don't want me to win a contest, don't vote for me. And quit your complaining. It's soooo boring.

Anonymous said...

Over on his blog, professional puppeteer Joe Gandelman wrote:

Our decision on this was not taken lightly or happily.

So, this was a GROUP decision? Are they all that HUMORLESS? I simply would not believe it if I didn't read it with my own eyes. They are UNHAPPY about their decision? What's with that? As in "BWAAAA! You're not playing nicely. I'm taking my toys and going home and I'm telling on you to Big Daddy Kevin" unhappy? Wow. These people have much more serious issues than I thought, I guess.

That said, this part of that comment by the supposedly aloof blog proprietor deserves a gold star for sucking-up:

I also know how HARD Kevin in particular has worked over the years on this contest and on his growing site, and we continue to read and link to his site.

Given that Gandelman is a puppeteer, I am not surprised at the intentional attempt at misdirection, as if Althouse has in some any way violated the rules or spirit of the competition.

In the end, his condesceding comment reeks of self-importance, as has become his habit of late.

Simon said...

I've got $5 that says this request was from TMV.

Ann Althouse said...

Are they saying I broke some rule -- i.e., lying about me -- or are they just mad at me for displaying competitiveness toward them. I guess they're pretty committed to their enmity. And here I am with them still on my blogroll! They are far gone.

Daryl Herbert said...

I'll go on record as predicting that CayuteKitt is not only not a regular reader of Ann's blog, she's also not affiliated with the 2006 Weblog Awards.

If the awards wanted to make an official statement on this, they would (on their blog). I don't see why they would want individual members running around interfering in contests. So even if CayuteKitt is telling the truth (she(?) is not), she's totally out of line.

What else: she has no blog of her own (wouldn't someone involved in a blogging contest have a blog?) and she's only been registered on Google since Feb06 and has 16 profile views (probably half of them from today) which indicates that she almost never comments, anywhere. Despite being a long-time reader and apparently a blog enthusiast, to be part of the Weblog Awards. And she talks like a Glenn Greenwald sock puppet would for TMV.

Phony, phony, phony, phony, phony. All your Cayute are belong to Joe.

Contrast Ann's behavior (completely legitimate, following the rules, doing what the contest encourages) to TMV's decision to encourage readers to vote for certain blogs in other categories--whether or not TMV's readers actually read those other blogs. TMV wanted to be kingmaker or something in all this, and they can't even win their home category. So they want to pull out and cry about it.

They wanted to show off their collective E-Penis (do they each have one, or do they all share Joe's?) but they got beat by a woman. Now they're scrambling to put their clothes back on and they just want to "talk." In blogging about their antics, Ann is preserving them--to extend the metaphor, one might even say she's taking pictures of TMV in their underwear.

Anonymous said...

Ann: The comment written by Mr. Gandleman which I quoted in my previous comment here has been deleted.

Should anyone wish to comment on anything Mr. Gandelman writes in the future, I suggest saving a copy first, lest he subsequently alter or delete it.

Sanjay said...

So, with regards to bitching the vote system, an anecdote:

A dear friend of mine is fiendishly academically bright and also extremely conservative -- well to the right of most of the right wing commentariat. Though a long complex beautiful trajectory, he became a fireman.

So, a high ranking official in the union, with a 6 year term, had to step down 4 years into it. My friend, who was a grad student in political philosophy, was interested in learning about it, so he stepped into the position, where he campaigned for and coordinated money for far-left issues.

I guess traditionally when someone is appointed like that, they get a full 6 year term. But my buddy thought it was unfair to the rank and file firemen that they didn't get to vote for 10 years, so, he made the union hold a vote at the regular time, saying he'd step down after two years.

In the meantime he went to all the firehouses, and said, look, I'm just a guy who's interested in learning about this stuff, but I'm not really committed to the union, so, vote me out. When the ballot comes 'round, vote me out. People hastened to declare against him.

He won, of course, in a landslide.

Anonymous said...

"Now, more than ever" - wasn't that Nixon's slogan in '72?

You've got my vote...

Derve said...

It's not over yet folks...
1832 to 1068 now. What if they're going to pull something sneaky, akin to an onside kick at the end? Playing tortoise to your hare come Friday. Keep an eye on those stats folks. It stands to reason if they're not really moderate, they'll "binge out" in voting.

hmm...1836 to 1075 now.

Derve said...

Maybe they get their votes more at night during the 24 hours, so the numbers just seem to be jumping.

Daryl Herbert said...

The comment written by Mr. Gandleman which I quoted in my previous comment here has been deleted.

I went looking for it and couldn't find it. What a snake that Gandelman is.

The sections you did quote here capture enough of it to reveal what a tool he is.

Daryl Herbert said...

There should be a new rule to the contest: whichever blog wins, Kevin will release the full text of all emails sent to him by that blog's author(s).

If Kevin instituted that rule, I'll bet TMV would do everything in its power to prevent themselves from winning.

CayuteKitt said...

AJ Lynch said...

"Cayutte Kitt claimed to have spent "countless hours".

I must compliment the pollers on the voting proces - it seems to work well and easily. But "countless hours" - what the hell could she be talking about?"

I live in a very rural part of the upper midwest USA, five miles from the nearest town. On a -good- day my pathetic dialup connection rate is 28.8 kbps.

In one category that I worked on involving researching each blog/site, there were over 60 sites nominated, each packed with pics and graphics. I averaged processing 5 per hour in that category.

In the other categories I researched over 120 nominations, averaging 10 per hour. You do the math. Plus there were other assignments for the volunteers that were time-intensive.

An aside to Ann: You need to chill out, girl. :)