December 8, 2006

"A new musical is said to have opened last night on Broadway. I mean, I saw it. Or I think I did. It’s called, uh...."

Ben Brantley signals that he's offering up another contender to the meanest bad review ever.

The show is "High Fidelity." (Eh! I didn't even like the movie.) And I see it has the lyrics, "Nothin’s great, and nothin’s new, but nothin’ has its worth." Almost a "Porgy and Bess" paraphrase, isn't it?


Dave said...

I hate Broadway plays, passionately.

Mark Daniels said...

And on reading the entire review, I see that it lives up to the lead paragraph. Quotes from it aren't likely to appear in any ads for "High Fidelity." But then, if Brantley is to be believed, its run may be so short that there won't be any ads.

dearieme said...

If someone writes an opera about Clinton, will it be called "Low Infidelity"?