December 8, 2006

F*!#ing trippy!

"Pulp Fiction" condensed into (nearly) all f-word form. (Of course, it's NSFW.) It's surprising just how long it takes to get through, and how much delightful variety there is in the simplicity. (Via Throwing Things.)

AND: The commenters at Throwing Things note the same thing was done with "The Big Lebowski" and "Scarface." I think the "Pulp Fiction" one is clearly best. More delightful variety, as I said.


Dave said...

I was in an art gallery over the weekend.

Oveaheard a 10 year old kid talking to his hipster dad: "Dad, doesn't that girl's hair look like Uma Thurman's from Pulp Fiction."

To credit the kid, the painter did render the hair in the painting like Thurman's. But a 10 year old? Familiar with Pulp Fiction?

Only in NYC.

Palladian said...

This sort of reminds me of two of my favorite false movie trailers: "Scary Mary" and "Shining".

Robin Goodfellow said...

Reminds me of a scene from an episode of The Wire in the 1st season which uses only the f-word for something like 5-10 minutes solid. It was very well done, it's surprising how emotive one can be with a single word.