October 7, 2006


I love misdrawn, misplaced iconic characters, like this one, found on the side of a Madison food cart:


I'm not saying I love every picture that is not drawn right or that every cartoon character who pops up in the wrong place amuses me, but I do like this one. Why is Spiderman so cute? Why is hanging around fruit? To catch flies? Why does the food cart want to remind us that it might attract flies? Or am I supposed to know that Spiderman is not really like a spider when it comes to having an interest in catching insects? Sorry, I really have no idea what Spiderman's agenda is.


reader_iam said...

Makes me think of halloween: That looks like a cartoon character (sorry, can't think of the name) that my son watches dressed up as Spiderman.

Weird and wonderful picture.

Nee said...

maybe a come on for a free toy....

Mark the Pundit said...

To me it looks like he is appearing out of nowhere to snatch up that pineapple box!

Because we all know Spiderman loves pineapples...

Palladian said...

I've never before noticed the weird similarity between pineapples and strawberries until seeing this image where they are shown as roughly the same size.

Maybe Spiderman just noticed the same thing.

Revenant said...

Sorry, I really have no idea what Spiderman's agenda is.

He does whatever a spider can!

Sanjay said...

That's so cold. You'd care if you were the Human Fly.

George said...

Gotta love those John Romita issues from the late '60s, but, for my money, the greatest superhero of them all was...

Herbie, the Fat Fury...


Check out his nemesis...Ticklepuss.

bearbee said...

Spidey (isn't that his nickname?) is on the outside looking in at the array of fruit and carrots(?)* needing, apparently, a smoothie boost .

*Carrots are considered by some to be fruit.

Official Journal of the European Communities


For the purposes of this Directive, the following definitions shall apply:

1. Fruit:

— fresh, sound fruit, free from deterioration, containing all its essential constituents and sufficiently ripe for use,

after cleaning, removal of blemishes, topping and tailing,

— for the purposes of this Directive, tomatoes, the edible parts of rhubarb stalks, CARROTS, sweet potatoes,

cucumbers, pumpkins, melons and water-melons are considered to be fruit,

— ‘ginger’ means the edible root of the ginger plant in a fresh or preserved state. Ginger may be dried or preserved

in syrup.