October 7, 2006

The Marijuana Fest.

I walked downtown along the lake path this afternoon, went to a café to work for a while, and then started back home by way of the Library Mall. What's all this? Oh, it's the Marijuana Fest.

The Marijuana Fest

It's not really very festive. No one is smoking pot, though there is a sign that says "Thank you for pot smoking." And the rock band is not exactly drawing a crowd:

The Marijuana Fest

There are a lot of flyers and posters on an unrolled metal fence.

The Marijuana Fest

The Marijuana Fest

And there are various stalls where vendors purvey marijuana-related things.

The Marijuana Fest

The Marijuana Fest

But there's no crowd energy. Just folks passing through the mall in the usual way, myself included.

ADDED: I did not buy anything at the Marijuana Fest. Who would? Who would want a Halloween pumpkin with a medical marijuana message? Would you take your trick or treating kids up to the door of house displaying such a thing? Would you want one of the t-shirts they were selling? Would you eat "Hemp I-Scream"? Me, I kept going and walked up Bascom Hill and over to Linden Drive, where I stopped at Babcock Hall for a nice scoop of University of Wisconsin ice cream. Vanilla. Wafer cone. Ah!


Mark the Pundit said...

Where's Spiderman?

NSC said...

As I recall from my high school days, pot was not exactly an energy producer. Perhaps they were all at McDonalds instead?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Was anyone selling brownies?

Too Many Jims said...

"But there's no crowd energy."

You sure they weren't smoking? Did they have the munchies.

Dan from Madison said...

Hmmm a far cry from "Hash Wednesday" we used to have at the U of Illinois back in the late eighties. A lot of pot was smoked in the open that day.

AJ Lynch said...

Hey- this is Ann's annual post where she claims to "accidentally" stumble upon the school's marijuana festival. Splains some things. You go Ann and don't forget to bring us back some more of those cool, funky pictures you take.

Ann Althouse said...

AJ: Even though I often do stumble upon things in Madison and blog about them, I've never stumbled upon the Marijuana Fest before -- not in 22 years in Madison.

And if I were into marijuana, I wouldn't blog about it! Perhaps there's something else, something I don't write about that could get me in trouble. You'll just have to speculate what that might be!

AJ Lynch said...

Wink Wink -stage whisper...I get it, the dean has just discovered this internets thing and may be listening. It's Ok, your secret is safe with me- I think I am the only one who noticed this annual post of yours about Mary Jane's garden.

dave said...

Yeah, why would a parent expose his child to the evil of a pumpkin with a message about a natural cure for alleviating deathly pain.

A pumpkin condoning torture at Gitmo, however - I'm sure that would be A-OK.

Althouse: the Stupidest Fucking Place on the Internet™.

Revenant said...

Yeah, why would a parent expose his child to the evil of a pumpkin with a message about a natural cure for alleviating deathly pain.

Because as we all know, all the best parents like to regularly remind their small children that sometimes adults get sick and die. Why, it just isn't a fun Halloween season unless you've had your yearly chat with little Timmy about how Mommy might get cancer and need help keeping food down during her chemotherapy treatments.

Only crappy parents try to shield their little ones from the horrors of everyday life until they're old enough to understand them.

Brendan said...

Seeing as how we're in a life and death struggle with Islamic fundamentalism, I'm glad they've got their priorities straight.

Pat Patterson said...

1st Dude, "Dude, there's a Maraijuana Fest".
2nd Dude, "That's cool".
1st Dude, "What?"
2nd Dude, "The Marijuana Fest".
1st Dude, "There's a Marijuana Fest?"

Synova said...

I actually think that drugs should be legalized (it's a libertarian thing) but the idea of a Marijuana Fest is just so... legality for medical use and otherwise has nothing at all to do with *promoting* pot use. The whole idea is to let people be stupid without creating the criminal culture and law enforcement escalations we've got now. Emphasis on the "stupid."

Local access television has a program I sometimes flip past that seems, mostly, to be faded hippies talking about how great it is to be high.


nedludd said...

Althouse: the Stupidest Fucking Place on the Internet™.

I have a feeling that wherever you are, dave, is the stupidist place on the internet.

You posses a rare ability to lower the IQ of a room just by thinking about entering it.

HaloJonesFan said...

AJ: The magic thing about the internet is that you can post links to webpages. So, like, when you say "you've posted about this before", you can provide an actual link to the post in question.

The Right Reverend Rabbi Judah said...

Looks to me like a covert recruitment drive for the Amerwiccan Tofu Militia.

Jim H said...

And if I were into marijuana, I wouldn't blog about it!

Or about anything else, I'll bet. Regular marijuana use would impair the motivation to write every day and the ability to do so clearly.

George said...

Cop stops this stoney dude for speeding.

Dude is freakin'. Not only is he high, but his stash is in aluminum foil in his lap.

As the cop approaches his window, the dude thinks fast. He squashes the aluminum foil.

"License and registration," says the cop.

Dude hands the cop his wadded nugget, and he says, "Officer, this silver bullet should explain everything."

AJ Lynch said...


I am teasing Ann- there are no links to provide.
And yes, I was aware of links before you made your smug, conscending post.

Clampett said...

Something’s wrong with these pictures.

See the second picture; a perfectly do-able chick sits by herself at a marijuana-fest protest while nobody tries to get action from her.

How implausible...


1. What part of the back-story are you concealing?

Ann Althouse said...

Clampett: She's the only one who wants to be anywhere near a sign that says somebody got arrested right her last year.

Rowena Hullfire said...

The young college men don't want to do a nasty patchouli-stinkin' hippie chick.

The pretty girls put out too.

This ain't the 60's.

Corky said...

Who's bright idea was it to blog about something that doesn't interest you?????
I was just strolling along when I came upon a marijuana fest that was in it's 36th year.
and I didn't leave when I found out it was a marijuana fest. I stayed at the boring none violent laid back peaceful event. I even stalked some kids while I was there and posted their pics on this blog without the parents consent.
Face it. You went there looking for a free high. You got caught by some colleauges passing through on their way to a badger game and the best excuse you had was I didn't know it was there.
You don't approve. yet you will attend a block party ar the halloween party that cost the tax payers for all the extra police and clean up crews because it is an exciting event. Then you will drive home drunk.
First of all you must have been smoking crack if you didn't know how to find your way out of the fest and if you missed people smoking pot. I was smoking pot when you were taking pics of my pumpkins and ganja lanterns that I have a copy right on and did not give permission for them to be posted. So tell us just how HIGH you were that you missed that.
Thats the other story she was affraid to write so as not to get in trouble.
Why did you need an icecream cone after you left the fest? Maybe because you had the munchies????
I hope you enjoy people coming past your home and snapping pics of you and your family and friends and posting them on blogs full of all the things your not interested in.
You people are talking out of your asses and know nothing about what was going on.
You should all be more concerened about the doctors who are turning your children into junkies and dealers before they even know about pot.
Thats right, all of you who have children on ritilan are at risk.
It is one of the top selling street drugs now. But you will not think twice about it because it is prescibed.
But really people think about it. Would you take the time to take pictures of everything that was there if it meant nothing to you and then write about something that had no interest to you?
If you were against what was going on, wouldn't you leave? Is it normal to bitch about an event that is peaceful?
NO NO NO Only a crack head would do that.
I say we vote to have a drug test done on her and everyone in her office and just see how many are stoners or drunks.
Also if it's the wild events she likes, be sure your children are not in the way when she is driving home drunk and trying to take pics of your kids,

Corky said...

snova drug are legal read what I said about the doctors turning your kids into junkies and dealers before they know about marijuana now lets talk about stupid stupid

Anna says the hippie girl is the only one that wanted to be near the sign but it meant enough to her to get near it and take time to take pics of it

rowena a young college man will do who ever he can just to get away from rosy palms. and since you know what they smell like sounds like you must have spent some time with them

Anonymous said...

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