July 13, 2006

Look at us!

No, don't look at us!

We're important!

No, we're nobodies, and you've got some weird obsession if you think we're worth talking about.


jult52 said...

Anyone think the Kos eruptions have something do with the heat of summer? My, ahem, 2nd favorite website - after Ann's -- covers a certain professional sports team and that site erupts in acrimony (or I should say, a heightened level of acrimony) every summer before training camp begins. A pattern?

HaloJonesFan said...

I like how the thing that sets the mydd writer off is not that people stand around screaming insults and obscenities, but that Fox News reported on it. As usual--the Dem/Left considers words to be ultimately meaningless, and so they are surprised when someone acts as though their words had meaning.

Henry said...

To paraphrase:

Flame wars are the norm for us. We're sociopathic cannibals. Mind if we take over the country?

Pogo said...

So I guess this is what monkeys think when people write about their propensity to fling feces.