July 28, 2006

Jeremy's wound-blogging.

Here's Jeremy's contribution to this important, though small, subgenre of blogging.

And while we're over at Jeremy's, let's read this post about the promiscuous sharing of iTunes libraries in the university WiFi setting. Note to lawyers: please don't sue Apple.

[Bad link fixed.][UPDATE: Really! I mean it this time.]

UPDATE: Actually, this is Jeremy's most interesting recent post. I don't know what's wrong with me that I go right for the wound-blogging!
When the "Animals and Society" section of the American Sociological Association was first formed, I will admit to having been intellectually skeptical. It is plain I was wrong. Here are some of the (yes, actual) titles of A&S presentations given slots at the prestigious annual meetings next month:
"Deconstructing Playing With Katie"

"Rethinking the Interaction Order: Sociability Among Pigeons and People"

"The Political Economy of Beef: Oppression of Cows and Other Devalued Groups in Latin America"

"The Demographics of Change in Human-Horse Relationships"
Lots of good comments on this one, including Tonya's "For a change, I am feeling really good about having gone to law school."


Icepick said...

Now both links are to the iPod post. I had to go digging around for the wound, so to speak. I would post the correct link here, but why bother? Curses upon the need for comment moderation!

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks. Comment moderation is irrelevant. I can't fix it until I see it. I see it at the same time. Anyway, I'm hovering over the blog today (and most days).

Icepick said...

I'm sorry, I meant that if not for comment moderation, I could have posted the link in the comments immediately. The post wouldn't get fixed until you got back to it, but perhaps it would save other commenters from also digging around.

OTOH, the bad link made me look around Jeremy's site, so maybe that was even more useful....

Icepick said...

There are some absolute gems in the comment section of the "Zoo" post. But pride of show has to go to Jeremy himself for this response to another commenter:

JJ: Before vomiting, be sure to say "Deconstructing Playing with Katie."

I don't want my fixation on DPwK to make it sound like I don't also find the cow oppression paper title special as well.

That comment is even better stripped of any context! Somedays I really miss grad-school....