July 28, 2006

A city polarized by sex.

At one end of the city, we've got your testosterone. At the other end, your estrogen. The San Jose Mercury-News provides the gender analysis:
Everyone knows that tens of thousands of crazed fans will be cheering and sweating in downtown San Jose today and Saturday for the San Jose Grand Prix, a celebration of engineering, speed and, of course, manhood.

But in the north of San Jose, 750 female bloggers are cloistered away from the din of the roaring engines. Instead, they gather today and Saturday at the BlogHer conference at the Hyatt San Jose to discuss the roar they are making online on every topic worth talking about -- politics, business, divorce, knitting, parenting.

Tempers may flare. Things may get said. Feelings may get hurt and everything will be blogged on at both ends of the city.

This weekend, San Jose is divided between two playgrounds, the testosterone fueled, gas guzzling, sound-wall-breaking one downtown. And the estrogen-laced community-building, business-savvy one that comes complete with corporate-sponsored child care.

Amusing. Well, I'm still at the testosterone end of town. Though I'm a Central Time person, I'm running late even by Pacific Time. I'm blogging and nibbling a beautiful -- and low carb! -- breakfast at my posh hotel, around which race cars are currently zooming. The concierge has advised me to leave my car in the garage and take the light rail to the Hyatt. I think I'll take in a little of the testosterone end of town and do some photography, then sample mass transportation and make it to the afternoon dose of estrogen.
General Motors, one of BlogHers sponsors, will have its hybrid SUVs, hydrogen fuel cell family cars and Saturn Sky available to test drive.



shake-and-bake said...

I hope your're staying at the De Anza. It is my favorite hotel in San Jose, and it's just a block away from the Sixth District of the California Court of Appeal, where I frequently find myself. If I'm looking really hard.

Robert Holmgren said...

The San Jose Museum of Art is free and next door.

Governator Jr. said...

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