July 1, 2006

Half New Year's Day.

We get all excited about New Year's Day, so why don't we get half that excited about getting halfway through the year, to July 1st? Is there even a term for it? Half New Year's Day? Midyear's Day?

Frankly, I've never even noticed the occasion at all, but I see that Mark Daniels is marking the midpoint with an analysis of who would be Time's "Person of the Year," if the decision where based on half the year -- Time's "Person of the Half Year," you could say.

What else can we do? Make a list of resolutions? Make a list of half-hearted resolutions! Don't say: I'll quit smoking/drinking/whatever. Say: I'll cut my smoking/drinking/whatever in half. Instead of the classic I'll lose weight, try: I'll stop gaining weight. Don't say: I'll be kinder to my loved ones. Say: I'll be a little bit less of a bastard.


Drew W said...

Thanks, Ann, for pointing out the need to mark the passing of the half-year. I’m already taking half-measures to celebrate it.

Who should be Time magazine’s Person Of The Half-Year?

Demi Moore, presumably.

Mark Daniels said...

The thing about having a Mid-Year Day is that, with the Fourth of July, we could have a four-day holiday every single year!

Thank you for the link.


David said...

Keep it simple! Enjoy the sun, fire up the barbie, and count your blessings! The rest will fall into place!

Let's hope that the Person of The Year is not Zarqawi, although he will probably be awarded a Nobel Peace prize!

Pass the hamburger.

buddy larsen said...

"Demi" LOL--early Saturday spit take--

Ricardo said...

"I've never even noticed the occasion at all ...."

Sure you have, but not based on the calendar. The real dividing lines are about ten days off, with the "summer solstice" on/around June 21st and the "winter solstice" on/around December 21st. Those two dates have been honored by various cultures throughout the centuries. But rather than go with the "rhythms of the earth", we prefer things to fit neatly into the calendar.

buddy larsen said...

"on/around" ain't all that neatly fit--

Maxine Weiss said...

Ann, you have a thing about time, in general.

I can tell.

Time flies when you are having fun. Look at it that way.

The days from here on....will speed up = fun.

I like the passage of time, the covering of ground.

Stagnation = Bad.

I want time to move.

And, it has.

Halfway is movement. And movement is good.

It's about the journey...(the midpoint)...not the destination.

So, by that logic halfway is even better than getting there!

Peace, Maxine

XWL said...

July 1st isn't actually mid-year's day, though.

I blame Augustus, he had to make sure his month was as long as Julius', so the last 6 months have more days than the first 6 months.

Mid-Year's Day would actually be the 183rd day of the year in non-leap years (182 days previous, 182 days to come) which would be tomorrow, July 2nd.

(Pedantic, Moi?)

buddy larsen said...

Take a look at the French Revolutionary Calendar, adopted by the state under Robespierre. It fit time into a 10 base. Apparently did not catch on with le sans-culotte.

Drew W said...

Buddy L. -- sorry. Have a spritz of screen-cleaner on me.

Now, back to finishing “Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.”

Jacob said...

Sell your blog!

buddy larsen said...

(homage to Drew)

"50 Cent to play at Time's Demi Moore Half-Year world-cup halftime celebration!"