June 30, 2006

Audible Althouse #56.

Oh, yes. Audible Althouse is a podcast about the odd last few days on a blog called Althouse. And I do mean odd. Because it's a Friday podcast. A Friday, I tell you. Not a Sunday.

Why do we do the things we do? Astrology. Training a person like training an animal. Caring so much about whether people to listen to you 100% that you don't notice what an honor it is that they listen to you at all.

Here's the podcast page. Here's the place to live-stream. And you know damned well you should be subscribing:
Ann Althouse - Audible Althouse


AST said...

How nice it is to hear your real voice. I had a sense of your personality before from your writing, but, unlike hearing my own voice, I heard the same person I had come to know on your blog, only more so.

Secondly, you're too kind to Mr. Whatsisname. We have all done some things we didn't mean seriously, I suppose, but having posed as an astrology expert strikes me as having once been a worshipper of Baal or Astoreth, or being presently a Wiccan.

Of course, who am I to turn up my nose, being a religious believer myself? My religion, while not provable in scientific terms, is informed by reason. I do not believe, for example, that the planets have any way of influencing our personalities and relationships, because I can't imagine how that could happen. I can imagine how beings exist in this universe, or in some superuniverse of which this is a part, who have personalities like ours, albeit far advanced and refined, and knowledge far beyond ours, such as what was before the Big Bang, how it came about, etc.

On the other hand, I have nothing at this point to support the view that stone statues can think and grant wishes. And I have to suspect the integrity and seriousness of someone who acted as if he believed such things and made a study of them.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Your theory on holding a classes attention is brilliant. It especially explains the problem with experiential learning styles [as opposed to visual or aural].

It could also be used to explain how psychaitrists endure their patients' talking without completely zoning out.

My husband is an inveterate doodler and now I have a new perspective so as not to "ssshhh" his tool-for-engagement.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Pardon: "class's attention"; "psychiatrists"

Mind must've wandered off...

Johnny Nucleo said...

This is the new greatest Audible Althouse of all time.

About astrology. All theories of the answer to the Ultimate Question are crazy. But some are crazier than others. Astrology is super-crazy. And it is dumb. I don't mean to offend anyone out there, but anyone who believes in astrology is kind of dumb.

But who cares! This is the difference between men and women. When I meet a bangable woman, it has absolutely no bearing on my attraction to her if she believes in astrology. She could be a Nazi for all I care. As long as she gets along with my mother.

Wickedpinto said...


I don't think she sounds at all like she writes.

Although last weeks was closer to her seeming attitude, a lot more free wheeling last weeks was.

Though I think she always forces a proffessorial attitude in her Podcasts, though I think her voice is a lot more powerful than that.

I much prefer Michael Meyers's jewish coffee talk parody of "barbara streisand or grace kelly, great actresses, discuss!"

I think Mike captured Ann's written voice better than her actual voice does, at least in most cases.

Jennifer said...

I have to agree with AST - although I haven't had a chance to listen to this week yet. Listening to the podcast seems very much to me like hearing the blog (and therefore the blogger) come to life.

Charlie Quidnunc said...

Loved the podcast, but why have you switched to such a low fidelity? 16kbits/second and 11 khz sample rate? Too low. Most podcasters use 64kbit/second, which is always good enough for talk. 16kbits/second distorts your lovely voice.

Ann Althouse said...

Charlie: I upgraded the program and forgot something about the settings. What was it??

Ann Althouse said...

Oh, I see what I did. Thanks for pointing that out. It will be fixed for #57.