June 5, 2006

"The Apprentice" -- the finale!

Sean or Lee. Lee's young. Sean's in love. Oh, it's obvious! Sean is the most charismatic finalist they've ever had on the show. Lee is a cool guy, but Sean's an original. Who care's about the boring charity tasks they just did? We're looking at the big picture, the whole season. Come on! It's Sean, right?

UPDATE: And it's Sean! Who just said he's going to marry Tammy, by the way. The ultimate winner. He gets the job and the girl. And he's adorable.


reader_iam said...

Pepe. Pepe. That's enough, Pepe. Sit down, Puppy.

reader_iam said...

Still chuckling from the previous episode, over Lee saying Sean's got no one that feels for him or is pulling for him as much as Lenny feels for Lee.

Tammy doesn't count, eh?

LoafingOaf said...

Yeah, I guess I don't know why I thought Lee had a chance in hell against Sean. Sean deserves it. Something tells me Bill will have to start sharing duties as the Apprentice who fills in for George.

Has Tammy actually stated she's in love with him too? Maybe she is more reserved on TV. Hope she doesn't break the apprentice's heart!

LoafingOaf said...

Poor Brent wasn't asked to talk at the finale. I bet it bugged him!

Finn Kristiansen said...
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Finn Kristiansen said...

Oh abomination of desolation. This was awful. Sean is adorable? And that matters how?

First off, if actual work experience is the deciding factor, why even allow people with no work experience? Are we sitting through however many weeks of "tasks", only for real life experience to win out?

And who actually raised more money on this last task? Didn't Lee with $65,000 or more? Did that whole task even matter? Did it matter that pitching the Bare Naked Ladies is an easier sell that faded stars at Chelsea Pier?

Why did I have to sit and watch that, only to learn it did not factor in because, well, Sean has more real world experience.

And then, all the women, women HERE, women there, fawning over pretty Sean, the foreigner with the sexy lilt to his voice, who vomited his love all over my telly, no doubt putting the object of his thrusting affections on the spot. Let's hope she loves him, and her role, as the supportive woman behind the leading man's side.

Digusting with a capital "I", for irritating. Once again, the beautiful people win, the tasks themselves are neutered, and a fine young real New Yorker realizes it was all just masterbation, and he has no shot at actually hooking up with Trump.

Oh, and thank you Randall for pimping your website... way to look professional. Do fries come with that cheese?

I am annoyed, and deeply. A pox on all, save for Evanka, who is smart, dipomatic and lovely, and the only reason to have watched this entire horrid season.

Finn Kristiansen said...

A missing "L" for "dipomatic".
(And I am still annoyed, even in this spelling correction post)

Moxie said...

I loved watching the suave Englishman lose his composure after winning!

Though rooting for the charming and experienced Brit, I was prepared to be equally happy if young Lee got the job, being a Cornell grad myself. It was a win-win Apprentice finale.

Did anyone else kind of expect Sean to abandon his breeding and jump down on one knee and propose to Tammy on national (reality) TV?

So glad he didn't. But....

reader_iam said...

Not fawning over Sean here, though I prefer him to Lee.

I still can't get over the ability of Trump to essentially call Pepe a puppy and get away with it.

The rich really are different.

LoafingOaf said...

Yeah it was odd that the final task didn't seem to matter. Maybe they thought they both carried the events off okay in the end and it was essentially a tie? If they had gotten into the details of the tasks, Lee had more screw-ups than Sean.

Maybe it's easy for me to say sitting on my couch at home, but the final tasks never seem as hard as they want you to think they are. The events always end up going reasonably okay. For example, no matter how badly Lee failed to ensure the celebs were greeted properly, it's not like they'd back out of a charity hockey game. The Bare Naked Lady band member said it to Sean after asking him if he'd ever done a rock concert before. He assured Sean it's not actually very hard.

There was absolutely no suspense or excitement or entertaining arguments in this finale, but I did end up feeling happy for Sean. And if he does marry Tammy, it will be the second marriage from a Mark Burnett reality program! (A couple who met on Survivor got married.)

Ann Althouse said...

Well, I think it was bad that they ran out of time to analyze the last task, but, really, Lee had a lot of problems. He committed the cardinal sin of failing to meet Trump when he arrived. He also had the other celebrities wandering about, feeling unloved. He relied bizarrely on Lenny. He let Lenny pick Roxanne and Pepi, and he had Lenny meet the celebrities, which was an idiotic choice that went badly. Lenny called Jason Priestly, "Jason Pressley." Someone else thought Jamie Foxx was among the celebrities. The celebrity who was set up to do the auction was too nearsighted to see the bidders, and Lee had to run about in the audience spotting the bids. And the representative for the charity was repeatedly disappointed, though we never got to hear her sum up.

Lenny was funny though. I loved the scene where he was deciding what sizes the celebs wore. John McEnroe? Very small head.

It wouldn't have been better if the winner was just whoever got higher bids on the cars. And if it was, Lee really did pick the better task. He was raising money for the firefighters in NYC. The other task was getting money for the World Wildlife Fund in Atlantic City! At a casino! More people would show for the concert, but more people would be inclined to shell out money once they were there in NYC.

Speaking of the WWF, all the stuff about the panda was funny. The Pontiac guy's disgust for having a panda suit guy anywhere near their supposed-to-be-chic car was hilarious. The suit itself was horrible. We're you thinking "Sexual Harassment Panda"?

jakemanjack said...

Poor Pepe.

The show and the Donald relied on Pepe for the butt of almost every joke.

I hope the show is cancelled.

SteveR said...

I agree with Finn in many respects. Based on the name of the show, one would assume he was looking for someone to learn from him, not someone already learned.

They will have to do much better with projects next season or I will not continue to watch.

They had to cut the show down to an hour and a half so they could stretch a very lame Deal or No Deal out an extra half hour.

Random comments:

Lenny- fun to watch
Randal- weak plug, very weak
Tammy- I can see what Sean likes about her
Evanka- outshines her brother every time you see them together.
Carolyn- She didn't get as much air time this season, but she was very entertaining.

Sean E said...

"I loved watching the suave Englishman lose his composure after winning!"

Was that sarcastic or did you not watch much of this season? I like Sean, but suave he ain't. He's like an enthusiastic puppy, if puppies had long, wildly flailing arms.

I'm happy Sean won, but that had to be the weakest final two of any season so far.

altoids1306 said...

Maybe it was just the editing, but Sean was obviously much better than Lee. The complexity of the task, the number of people in attendence, the sheer scope and quality of the presentation. Just look at the two auctions.

Roxanne was in charge of the signage? As in putting up posters? How hard is that? (And since when did everyone start calling posters signage?)

I would have preferred more English reserve in Sean (33-yr-olds should only be allowed to pump their fists in public if they're athletes), but in any case, he's clearly better than "She's busting my balls" Lee. No, Lee, she's not a ball-buster, she's saving your ass. Without her, you would have been doing a date auction.

PatCA said...

I missed part of it...guess they didn't tally up who won and who lost the task. Because they didn't make much? I remember the woman telling Lee they wanted six figures.

It's getting boring and repetitive and has fallen out of the top 50 TV shows for ratings. Carolyn seems like a dignified person. What can she be thinking?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Where were Kendra and Kelly?

Randall? Ick. Ptui.

I didn't watch all season, but I surmised Sean would win because he got the Althousian "winner's edit."

Chelsea Pier is a bad venue. It sucked for Tana, too. How 'bout that Michael J. Fox skating [with Parkinson's] for firefighters? That's selfless times two.

LoafingOaf said...

And the representative for the charity was repeatedly disappointed, though we never got to hear her sum up.

Actually, she did give Lee some nice words right after the auction.