May 2, 2006

Radio alert!

I'll be on Open Source Radio tonight talking about Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner. You'll be able to listen to it online or download it.

ADDED: The show is from 7-8 Eastern Time. Here's the post I wrote about the performance.


Art said...

I wonder how I would have reacted to seeing it live, as opposed to watching a web feed linked to a site that said "everyone in the audience was really uncomfortable."
I'm not a huge fan of Colbert's. To some degree he's a one trick pony. What would he do with a Democrat in the White House? (Not that that would be allowed.)
But seriously, the "audition tape" with Helen Thomas must be pretty close to W's nightmares. He's going to be hearing that question, "Why did we invade Iraq?" for the rest of his life.

Jacques Cuze said...

You may wish to mention the url,

Where listeners can find links to the entire performance, and listeners, if so inclined can add their name to a thank you note to Stephen Colbert.

Another good url would be:

The wikipedia mentions that Editor & Publisher, and Crooks and Liars both got their highest one day hit counts for posting articles about Stephen Colbert's performance. C&L drew over a half million visitors that day.

And echoing your own words, Jon Stewart, anchor of The Daily Show, called Colbert's performance "Balls-alicious".

The evidence is that there was no need to file off any edges, that his performance was wonderful.

Palladian said...

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts about the performance, Ann. I watched it and thought- eh, what's the big deal about? Isn't the tone of that thing supposed to be a "roast"? And I thought Colbert wasn't actually that funny out of his element. I think it says a lot about so-called liberals (what does that mean anyway?) that they go absolutely bonkers over something like this.

That site that quxxo links to (are you still here, quxxo? Haven't you fucked things up enough already?) is unintentional comedy gold. Many of the "thanks" posit that Colbert might be disappeared! Because, you know, most of Bush's critics vanish in the night, don't they? When is the last time you heard from Michael Moore? I think he disappeared himself.

And anyone who uses the phrase "truth to power" without being ironic... Hilarious. Wait, maybe "thank you Steven Colbert" is actually a parody of the left, like Colbert is a parody of a right wing talk show host.

One last point- I've been sort of interested in how many of the people praising Colbert use derivations of slang terms for testicles to mean "courage". It might be the feminist side of me, or the latent "queer theory" side of me, but I find myself irritated by the usage. So courage = testicles? Aren't supposed liberals supposed to be more sensitive to the truth (or lies) behind their language?

Art said...

I know Ms. Althouse says she is not a conservative (and I take her at her word) but many of her readers do appear to lean right.
Yet on this topic, I sense her readers are applauding Colbert.
Am I reading that correctly?
Feel free to discuss.