April 9, 2006


Readers of this blog may not know when one of the old posts has an active, ongoing conversation in the comments, so I think I'll start flagging these for you from time to time. Right now, let me point to:

"It was the most cozy, lovely, lush experience."
(About midwives.)

"Punk culture and ideals promote all body types, all sexualities, all genders and all esthetics." (A rousing inter-generational debate, now with 119 comments.)


Ann Althouse said...

If you've got comments on that belong in those old threads, go over to them and participate. Use this thread for ... whatever. Something else.

SippicanCottage said...

Speak directly into the ear trumpet, kids.

Anonymous said...

My hair usually parts left. Lately, it seems to want to part right. Do you think I'm going bald? That would suck, because I'm thinking of growing an afro.