January 8, 2006

A very dismal January walk.

A dismal walk

A dismal walk

A dismal walk

A dismal walk

A dismal walk


Dale B said...

Its been so warm the last three weeks it feels more like March. Everything is melting.

Very strange.

Slac said...

The month is young. Just you wait, dale.

If there's one thing I could change about the world, it'd be to get rid of dirty snow on concrete. Okay, maybe world peace. THEN dirty snow on concrete.

Anonymous said...

OT: but breaking news, Dick Cheney has been hospitalized with shortness of breath, and his handlers are considering bringing George Bush out of his medically induced coma. I am sure all of us can hope for Dick Cheney's quick return to health.

/I blame this on the insomnia.

MadisonMan said...

It is very dismal here. But I'll take this weather over subzero temperatures with a howling wind. Especially with natural gas over $1 a therm!

Verification: zsgglg: Laughing in sleep?

Bruce Hayden said...

One of the reasons that Colorado is nice is that you really don't go through that dirty snow routine that much. Yes, it snows, but it melts almost as fast. So, you can have it snow a half a foot, and it be all gone within a couple of days.

I should note that this is the case in the "front range", i.e., on the western edge of the plains where Colorado has most of its population. Up in the mountains, snow stays for the winter. But, then, without that, there wouldn't be any skiing - or at least not nearly as much.

john(classic) said...

Years ago we had a new hire from Georgia. We persuaded him that show turned dirty in the winter from frozen car exhaust, and that there would be a few days of smog when it thawed -- really bad if the thaw were sudden..

Back to really important things brought on by the warm weather-- like selecting which fingerling potatoes to plant this year. Some of our best fiction writing is done by those who prepare seed catalogs -- political candidates should hire a few of these skilled fabulists.

Forecast temperature for Jan 14th, historically the coldest day in Wisconsin, 40 degrees.

Simon Kenton said...

I guess it's definitional that being old is irreversible. I look at your photos of vandalism and see nothing even as clever as Mrs Quxxo's usual monomaniacal rant. Just that it's going to cost somebody - me, or a clone - either money or time with a sandblaster to restore these public surfaces, thus prepping them for the next excruciatingly acute defacing. I suppose you have similar feelings when they stencil or scrawl drivel on your blog.

Old thoughts. Maybe April is not the cruelest month; January's in contention.

Eli Blake said...


Unless you live on the left. The past few years, November has been the cruelest month for us. But this past November was good (if small), so hopefully this one will be better.

Condoleesa said...

There is something so beautiful about new fallen snow. There is nothing so ugly and depressing as dirty snow. Kinda makes me wonder how much of that yuck gets in our lungs and etc.

nffcnnr said...

i can't believe you posted pictures of those melted snow piles. they are truly partisan, and they are taunting you.