January 6, 2006

No Lisa Kudrow? Then I just don't care about any of your opinions.

The Screen Actors Guild Award nominees were just announced.

A quick scan reveals what you'd expect to see. For movies, they round up the folk from "Capote," "Brokeback Mountain," "Walk the Line." There's TV too. Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series. Oh, it's the usual Patricia Heaton, Megan Mullally stuff. No Lisa Kudrow, for the brilliant "Comeback"? Then I really don't care about your judgment about anything. Or do you think if she was good the show wouldn't have been cancelled? Or, why waste an award on a show that can't be helped?

Well, this reminds me. Whenever you read one of these lists of nominees, what you really want to know is who got snubbed. I mean, there are some things actors do that are just such over-the-top pleas for a nomination that it's really embarrassing when they don't get it. Like, for actress-in-a-movie this year, they had to feel required to give a nomination to Felicity Huffman for "Transamerica." She did the big gender identity thing this year. That's usually good for a nomination. Oh, and Charlize Theron got ugly again, so we need to say yes, Charlize, very nice. Again.

So, who got snubbed?

Bonus link: the Directors Guild Award nominees.

UPDATE: Chris emails:

OscarWatch.com has a list on the left side bar of all the potential contenders, and it has color-coded asterisks marking which ones got the nominations from each group, so you should be able to figure it out there.

But I'll tell you, here (these are just all the people they list on oscarwatch.com who didn't get nominated):

Actor: Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow), Jeff Daniels (The Squid and the Whale), Ralph Fiennes, Eric Bana (Munich) snubbed.

Actress: Keira Knightley, Joan Allen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Vera Farmiga (who I've never heard of).

Sup Actor: Bob Hoskins is the main snub. Terrence Howard in Crash apparently, when he's also a contender in Hustle & Flow in the lead category. Will Farrell, Frank Langella, and Kevin Costner

Sup Actress: This is more interesting--Maria Bello and Scarlett Johannson snubbed. Laura Linney, Diane Keaton, and some other people I don't think anyone cares about.

DGA "snubs": The Constant Gardener, Walk the Line, Cinderella Man (Ron Howard), King Kong, Syriana, Match Point (Woody), A History of Violence.


Icepick said...

So, who got snubbed?

The audience?

David said...

Hollywood complains about declining attendance and yet they continue to push their morality through movie productions that involve gays; Brokeback Mountain, Capote, and unfaithful husbands who are stars; Walk The Line. The latest from Clooneyville, Syriana, is anti-American and pro-leaker which they link with whistle blowers.

These people do not represent the best of America but they do provide comic relief.

price said...

I have to disagree, David. Hollywood doesn't push anything on anybody. You're not strapped to a chair like in "A Clockwork Orange." And as Prof. Althouse demonstrates, everyone is perfectly capable of finding better entertainment alternatives if they are not particularly inspired by what's on screen.

I also frequently question the collective philosophies of so many wealthy artists, but the Gays and international politics are seriously the least harmful subjects these movies promote.

Joan said...

Wow, HBO's "Rome" was completely shut out. I would've thought that Ciaran Hinds' performance as Caesar would've rated at least a nomination -- he was completely brilliant -- but no. It was good to see the SFU cast nominated, and I was glad to see Hugh Laurie's nomination as well. But it seems to me that the majority of these noms are generated by auto-pilot. (Can't say much about the movies because I don't go unless I am taking my kids!)

Coco said...

I never saw the Comeback so I can't judge Lisa Kudrow's performance. But I note that Arrested Development's cast was nominated even thought that show has been cancelled - and it was a great show - too bad it coudln't find an audience. I know Ann loved the Comeback but I also read a lot of negative critiques of that show. (for what its worth, not much probably , I never read anything but critical acclaim for Arrested Development). I can't judge myself obviously, just throwing this out there.

The "snub game" is always fun to play but its very hard for me to have a really strong view mostly becuase I am rarely in a position to compare good performances or shows/movies I've seen that are not nominated (my "snubs") with the otehr nominations. This year for example, I haven't seen any of the nominated movies so I can't really judge. People do anyway - and why shouldn't they, its fun - but I would never seriously presume that I'm right and the nominators are wrong unless I've really seen all of the comparisons myself.

Simon said...

Re "Transamerica" (a less intriguing plotline I find hard to imagine), like "Brokeback Mountain" (which is, at root, nothing more than a story about a cowboy who is unfaithful to his wife - big deal), one simply can't shake the suspicion that it's seeking oscars by guilt tripping. If they aren't nominated, clearly it's because the academy is homophobic, which garners press infamy, which garners DVD sales.