January 5, 2006

Audible Althouse #30.

Here! About 47 minutes of podcasting, mainly about movies and the Supreme Court. (And yes, yes, I know you can hear some computer fan at the very end. No need to talk about it.)


Jen Bradford said...

When I listen to podcasts at work, my hands aren't free to quickly adjust the volume. Did you see the movie Silkwood? Picture that - hands in gloves in a box - but without the scary radiation or bad jokes.

CSPAN is a nightmare because Brian Lamb is often 10x louder than his guests. The opening music to Michael Silverblatt's "Bookworm" is both cringeworthy and deafening, but avoidable. Anyway, so far so good with audio on your podcasts. Cheers.

sbutler said...

How about links to your favorite podcast(s)?