January 17, 2006

"American Idol" is back!

Am I blogging it? Of course!

The show is an "integral part" of "American culture," we're told. By Seacrest, of course. Note: I like Ryan Seacrest.

They start off nicely with a lot of really good singers, then a few screwed up performances. They do an excellent job of creating a feeling that the country is full of really nice, optimistic young people. Some are deluded, but we love them and forgive. Some are terrific, and they always make us happy and want to reach out and embrace them. So, yeah, it's actually true that the show has become part of American culture. I know it's corny and edge-free. But still....

Lots of ultra-nastiness from Simon. He says they need a bigger stage after a fat woman sings (and does well). He tells a guy he should shave off his beard and become a female impersonator. But you know this sort of thing is trumped up. Simon must be mean. I just said the show is "edge-free," but now I remember that Simon is supposed to be the edge. He's pseudo-edge.... an integral part of the show.

Well, no one struck me that much tonight. There are an awful lot of kids who think singing very piercingly loud and emotively is the way to be good. It's bizarre to do that when you haven't had enough feedback yet. They just throw themselves out there, without any basic sense of where the notes are. And then there was that one girl who just threw herself into tanning, without any sense of proportion. She was a classic "American Idol" delusional.


ToadLady said...

I cannot believe they didn't fire Paula!

I'll watch, but I doubt there'll be another Bo.

Irene Done said...

Actually Paula was lucid and charming. And yay! Althouse American Idol blogging is back!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

This is my first season of "opting in" to the show and not just the Althouse recap. I have daughters who are twins. Is the twin thing an "integral part" of American Idol?

Pastor_Jeff said...

I've never watched any "Idol" - just not interested. But I love coming here for all the commentary!

MadisonMan said...

I'm not an American Idol watcher -- but sometimes the daughter will watch it, and I'll watch for a bit.

Ryan Seacrest is creepy. First -- he seems to be one of those people on TV for no apparent reason. Just about anyone could do what he does, couldn't they? And his mouth very out of proportion for his face.

Not that I'm shallow and judge people by their looks, of course. When he gets a (another?) facelift, the sides of his mouth will be way too far out to the side of his head.

esk said...

"Well, no one struck me that much tonight"

Celine Dion songs are very hard to sing well - from what I saw two women this evening attempted them. The first did a fantastic job! And, she got the nod from the judges. I'll be watching for her.

Unfortunately, i received a phone call just as the 2nd one started and muted my T.V. I have no idea how she did.

Does anyone know? Did she destroy it?

miklos rosza said...

I'm glad someone is studying this stuff. It would almost certainly entertain me too.

I guess I fear (if "fear" is exactly the right word) the addictive power of such fare.

But I just saw, on the Sundance Channel, "Supersize Me," the Michael Moore-style documentary of some patently ambitious guy looking for a gimmick eating nothing but McDonalds for a month. Guess what? He put on 25 pounds. Fast food is bad for you. Who would've known?

vbspurs said...

Wow, when I left Althouse in the afternoon, the joint was jumping.

Unless there is a thread below I haven't checked yet, this is the lowest volume of replies I've read as followups yet.

Boo, come out and play with me.

P.S.: Didn't watch Idol tonight. Was out watching "Glory Road" -- it was...everything I expected.


susannah said...

I'm so glad you're blogging these again. I love watching the show and then coming here to read about it!

I really like the optimism in the early shows. There's something appealing about even the often-deluded--but genuine--hope and excitement that the contestants have.

ToadLady said...

Irene, agreed, plus her hair looked GREAT, but the ole issue of sleeping with a contestant...every time she got all flirty-eyed with a male potential Idol, it just reminded me.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

And she did get mighty flirty with those 16 and 17 year old male contestants.

Double ick. Thanks for the reminder, Toadlady.

AJD said...

Ultra-nastiness? Delusions? It's got everything for you, Ann!

Only how can you stand everyone paying attention to someone else?!

I know: you blog about it and pretend to be wittier than thou.

Sorry, you still don't cut it.

knoxgirl said...

I don't mind Paula, and I'd stop watching without Simon.

MR said: "Fast food is bad for you. Who would've known?

LOL... every time somebody talks about "Supersize Me", this is what I think in my head.

enidv said...

Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends talked with Randy and Simon this morning. He said that Simon has changed his opinion of America based on doing this show. He used to think that Americans were corny. He now sees that Americans are told they can do anything they want - and they go for it. That is so true on this show. It's amazing the number of people that think they can sing really well but can't find a note in a paper bag. But bless their hearts, they try!

Edmund said...

There are an awful lot of kids who think singing very piercingly loud and emotively is the way to be good.

Ah, the Whitney Houston school of singing. Compare and contrast her over-the-top version of "I Will Always Love You" with Dolly Parton's achingly soft and tender version.

BTW, the only AI I've seen is the promos, as I'm not a fan of most modern pop music.

Joel Gratz said...

I never quite understand why you choose to be so plugged in to this aspect of american pop culture, but are so completely oblivious anytime the football team from the college you teach at plays literally blocks down the street from you.

jeff said...

I'm waiting for one of the failed performers who gets trashed by Simon to commit suicide.... and address the suicide note, "Dear Simon."

I fear that eventually it will happen.

Ann Althouse said...

Joel: I just don't care about sports. I don't really care much about these pop singers though. The show amuses me for some reason.