December 14, 2005

Martha's "Apprentice."

(Spoilers.) I guess those interviews were pretty boring because they spliced them all up and sped through them. It was obvious that Jim was going to be sent home, but then Bethenny brought him right back to be one of her three assistants for the final task, and damned if he wasn't the person with the most on the ball. Meanwhile, Bethenny seemed to be out of her mind, inventing a new task for herself that involved a lot of phone work, while ignoring the Big Apple Circus event she needed to run. Oh, and Carrie hates her and doesn't mind if the whole world knows. On the other team, Dawna seemed efficient and corporate, but rather boring (like those Liz Claiborne clothes she has to promote in a fashion show). If it weren't for Ryan's Howie's drinking and face-making, the whole Dawna side of the story would have been impossibly tedious.

UPDATE: That was Howie drinking himself foolish last night. Ryan drank too much last week. The plots are repetitive. Why is that, in a reality show? Is it that people are too much alike and only have so many tricks and foibles? Or are the producers, noticing the boring footage they're collecting, prodding contestants to do some outrageous things?

IN THE COMMENTS: We're speculating that, in a surprise ending, Jim becomes the Apprentice!


Evan said...

You mean the Howie side of the story, right?

P.S. I love that you post on the Apprentice. This has to be one of the most varied blogs around!

PatCA said...

I was disappointed that it was event hosting again, ala The Donald's Apprentice. Plus, I get a knot in my stomach watching them flounder, because I've done a few events myself and know the infinite ways everything can go completely wrong!

Best of luck, ladies. Ugh.

Grandma_Jo said...

So do you think if both women fall flat on their faces, and Jim appears to be the only competent one, that Martha will pull a complete switch-er-roo and fire Betheny and Dawna and bring Jim back? After all, they want someone who will surprise them and, jerk as he can be, he seems to be able to pull it off when he needs to

Ann Althouse said...

Evan: Thanks. I've done a correction.

PatCa: Yeah, event hosting. I complained about that about Donald's Apprentice last week. They use it because they have a pat way of making a cliffhanger for the last episode. The tasks on Martha's show had way too little to do with Martha-ish obsessions. It should have been insaanely fussy little things like flower arranging.

Grandma Jo: I thought that too! Jim has been the main character through the whole series. Have we heard Martha say the line "One of you will be the Apprentice"? Donald always says that very strongly before the last episode. It does look like a winner's edit for Jim!

JodyTresidder said...

Was that not completely curious when the camera lingered lovingly on Jim not only when he was peeling off to do something thankless yet essential, but also while he was commenting wisely on giving the sponsors bang for their bucks?
THEN they allowed him a tantalisingly dignified exit?
Problem is, the editing throughout has been too erratic to read this as signalling a surprise job for Jim.
Also didn't all three executives - including the Martha clone - more or less agree he was bonkers?

PatCA said...

Yeah, flower arranging, or producing an episode of her show, or producing a segment of her magazine...something about elite homemaking.

I'm beginning to think she won't pick anybody. I think she would be best off with Marcela, who will follow well and give her new ideas for a new market.

JLP said...

I'm surprised that Jim made it as far as he did. Surely, this was a set-up. One would have thought that Jim's true colors would have shown during the interview process to get on the show. There's nothing "real" about these shows and yet I still watch them.