November 4, 2005

What about all that blogging?

What about all that blogging I seemed as though I was about to launch into when I got that writing project done at 2:54 p.m.? Why, I was even threatening to do some 11th Amendment fisking, a threat that actually seemed to alarm Armando. Lucky for Armando, I do have something of a life in the real-word dimension in my outpost in Madison, Wisconsin. Do you picture snow drifts keeping me inside, gazing into the glow of the iBook? No, it was warm and sunny -- in the 60s. Here's what a gingko tree looked like today:




howzerdo said...

Ha, I am here in upstate NY and it seems like peak weekend, after all the rain in October it is 60 and the leaves (what remains on the trees anyway) are beautiful. I say enjoy the beauty and take a well deserved break from Alito, Armando, blogging, whatever.

XWL said...

Ain't global warming a bitch?

(though just cause it's been a balmy late fall doesn't mean that winter might not turn out fierce)

Steve Donohue said...

There are, fortunately, more important things in life than these fleeting temporal affairs.

michael a litscher said...

Here is a picture of my neighbor's maple tree just the other day, in Milwaukee, WI.

Hoots said...

Great pictures. Ginko is my favorite tree. I was given one about eighteen years ago. I put it in a "fifty-dollar hole" and protected it from getting mowed down by the lawnmower until it grew big enough to see. Every fall the leaves give a spectacular yellow show. The only tree with personality...more like a dog breed than a plant.

Meade said...

Did you know that a male Ginko, after as long as thirty-five years, can suddenly change to female when it then begins to drop fruit smelling like a cross between vomit and dog crap? Female Ginkos, however, never change to male. Except for the fruit problem, they make excellent ornamental trees.