November 4, 2005

The new Madonna video.

"Hung Up. " (Quick Time -- or find Windows Media at Do you like it? Chez Althouse, we love it! Kind of a little "Saturday Night Fever," and then there's that Valerie Cherish hairstyle, which became so old, it's new again.


price said...

about once a decade madonna decides to remind us that she's a pretty awesome person. even her persona in interviews has been so much better lately! downright charming even. great video.

John said...

It's really good. About halfway through, a huge grin came to my face and stayed there. I even laughed out loud (during the subway scene).

Peter Hoh said...

For future generations, Madonna will provide endless fodder for American Cultural Studies programs.

She'll be to this era as Dickens is to the Victorians.

chuck b. said...

Is that ABBA music running through the song? It seems very familiar.

Ann Althouse said...

Chuck: Yes!

P_J said...

What a fun video! My favorite scene is the kids dancing at the taxi stop. And the early shots of the guys running and dropping off the balcony reminded me of the opening of "Beat It"!

I hadn't placed the background music, but after Ann's comment I had to go back and listen to ABBA Gold. Madonna took a filler track and turned it into a much better song than the original it came from.

chuck b. said...

You know why she put the "Gimme, Gimme" in there, right? She said, "This'll get the homos!" It's surely true. My bf named that tune while I was watching the video on my laptop in the other room while he was on the phone talking to AT&T the signal on this Treo.

I love the simplicity of this video (directed by
Johan Renck
). The pink leotard w/ not even a hint of concern about that line under her right buttock as she dances with herself in the ballet room mirror (yeah right, Britney!) and the green top in the disco. Christina wouldn't dream of taking it so easy.

Nod to hip urban trend: parkour, Check.

I demand nothing less.

Meade said...

I started nodding off about half way through but the parkour stuff was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Madonna is a flickering wick, a wilting dandelion, a speck of dust on a planet full of sand.

100 years from now people will be saying, "who?"

Time for this old broad to wrap up the faded dream and go home.