November 1, 2005

Take note of a serious rumor.

I wasn't going to mention it, but Eric Muller writes "I just got a hit to this blog via the google search 'Is Samuel Alito Jewish.'" Muller chuckles over what he's perceiving as one clueless Googler. But look at my Site Meter's ranking of recent search words. I've been getting numerous hits from "samuel alito jewish" and "alito jewish" in the last two days. Here are my current top hits:
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Put my name aside, ignore my usual traffic over "kate moss naked" and the "therefore symbol" (what this blog is all about, right?), and you can see that the question whether Alito is Jewish is a web trend of the last 24 hours. There's a serious rumor churning up out there, I would guess. Where did it originate?


Dave said...

Alito is an intellectual. Jews are presumed to be intellectual.

The connection, while boneheaded and ignorant, does not seem that hard to discern. Most are ignorant idiots.

Gerry said...

I reckon it stems from the fact that his first name is not Carmine or Salvadore.

Goesh said...

Ah, Ted Kennedy???

XWL said...

Strange thing to be obsessed with, the only thing that I can imagine this is about would be repeat of the KosKrowd's tactic against Chief Justice Roberts (with an assist from the NYT).

In summary, he's qualified, intelligent, and too glib to screw up during the hearings so let's spread gay rumors about him at every opportunity to drive a wedge between the Pres. and those evil fundamentalists.

Now replace gay rumors with Jewish rumors and you have the same thing.

The prevailing assumption being that if this rumor sticks those bigotted fundys will turn on Judge Alito.

And if that smear doesn't work they are working on hitting him on supposed softness while prosecuting mafiosi (cause after all, he's Italian so he most know somebody that knows somebody)

(Now does the NYT have a photo of Alito holding a cake with a couple of men in yamulkes?)

jult52 said...

I just checked a Sephardic names database and Alito doesn't appear to be a Sephardic name. That doesn't rule out the possibility that he has some Italian Jewish ancestry.

Ann Althouse said...

Gerry: Note that he's a Jr., so his father, who was born in Italy, was named Samuel.

Alcibiades said...

Gerry: Note that he's a Jr., so his father, who was born in Italy, was named Samuel.

That's interesting, since biblical names are not very common in Italy - although the custom may have been different earlier in the century.

Goesh said...

At least his son didn't dance for the cameras - surely he will be given some credit for that, even if he is a Jewish/Italian. Where is the M(mafia) word at in the smear campaign?? As a taxpaying layman, I want to know how often has the SC overturned him? How does he stack up with other federal judges in this category? What's the score here? 15 years on the bench and how many times has the SC flogged him for erroneous judgement(s)? Most voting, taxpaying citizens do care about things like this. He comes from a darn good college, served as a Prosecutor and I hear he argued a dozen cases before the SC. Has he ever been disciplined or reprimanded in chambers by a higher authority? How often and how serious was it? Let me invoke a false collective here and say we don't give a rat's ass about his ancestry or what his mother said.

Meade said...

XWL has it. After all, "neocon" is the new "jew" in the conspiracy theory fevered minds of the KuddlyKosKrowd. Those Americans on the left who have been afraid to move toward the center after Sept. 11 due to ConservaRepubliphobia need not drink KoolAid. But they would be wise to take a long drink of cool clear water, a series of deep reflective breaths (btw, "alito" means "breath" in Italian), and ponder just who some these folks are they are traveling with.

Attila said...

I get "X Jewish" queries all the time (where "X" is someone in the news). Most of them are not.

Assuming someone is Jewish, usually someone you don't like, is very common in the deranged segment of our population. When I was a freshman in college, William Shockley, the physicist-turned-racialist-genetics-media-hound, was scheduled to speak amid much uproar. A kid in my dorm, raised in a poor area of Los Angeles, and quite paranoid, informed me darkly about the "fact" that Shockley was Jewish.

Gerry said...


Understood. I was just guessing as to why the searches were being made.

Craig said...
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Rick Lee said...

Looks like I need to come up with some spurious reason to mention Kate Moss on my site! Something about the naked truth.

Troy said...

Rick... Just go with naked capitalism and post KATE MOSS NAKED on your blog. Do the same for any famous and semi-famous female and your traffic will go up exponentially.

If you want to get the rednecks then type in KATE MOSS NEKKID (I had a sister joke for Ark. relatives, but I left it alone).

wildaboutharrie said...

Ugh. I wonder when it will be said that he fathered an illigitimate child?

reader_iam said...

1) Regarding search terms: Oh, Ann, you really DO have a more interesting life than most of us.

2) There really does seem to be evidence for an increasing anti-semitism these days, here and--of course--in Europe.

3) Wow! Shockley caused a huge controversy at (and there were protests on) my university when he spoke there. Odd thing is, it must have been a good 10 years later. Weird.

L. Ron Halfelven said...

Althouse isn't even in the first 10 pages of results for "Kate Moss Jewish". Better get busy!

Sebastian said...

There are some strange ducks using Google out there. I suppose it could have been worse though, it could have topped out with "Judge Alito Naked" *shudder*

Ann Althouse said...

Paul, Sebastian: Google will see your comments and bring me the relevant traffic.

Pete Wagner said...

He looks as jewish as Madeline Albright did when she wasn't officially a jew (i.e., BEFORE nomination).

Troy said...

You can send me a check...

Charlize Theron naked Jewish
Jennifer Aniston naked Jewish
hurricane naked Jewish
madonna naked Jewish
powerball naked Jewish

Oh! Britney Spears naked Jewish

That oughta do it.

Troy said...

The thought of doing a "Jewish" search of a name is so completely foreign to me. While I think humankind is generally bad news it is still somewhat surprising to be alerted to the presence of real trolls.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Yeah, that was my first response to "why does it matter"

Now if it turns out he wasn't an American citizen, I would be concerned.

But other than that, who cares? My husband is German-ancestry born in America. Should this "be revealed" if he ever goes into judge-ship?

Attila said...

Just this morning, I had two hits on searches asking, in different words, whether David Addington, Cheney's new chief of staff, was Jewish.

Both were from Germany. (Cue scary music.)

If, as Dana Milbank wrote last year, Addington is an adherent of a supposedly "obscure philosophy" called "unitary executive," why can't he be an adherent of an obscure religion.

Scorekeeper said...

Did Kos discover that he's a 'neo-con' too yet?

Ooooh, that would be a double whammy.

Thump said...

The fear is that people will get dominated by jewish directives. History repeats itself- the diaspora, holocaust, rumbala in Latvia- all for a reason and putting neo cons or crypto jews in places where they can do as history shows is the norm. He can very well be a jew from his mothers side and its a coincidence that his first name is popular with jews. Maybe thats what attracted mama to step into the gentile world....

roxxx said...
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roxxx said...
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roxxx said...
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