November 1, 2005

Halloween aftermath.

The Isthmus has a giant mass of links and quotes about the Halloween revelries of Madison. Here's a cute (pre-revelry) quote from Kevin O'Connor:
I think those stadium lights are going to make a big difference. I really do. This year when they show the footage of the rioting on the news, we'll be able to see it much better! This is what you get when you stick stadium lights up to try to diffuse a riot: You get a really, really well-lit riot.

You know, all around town there are stencils that say "Don't forget to riot"! But the kids didn't really riot, it seems. And the police behaved properly, didn't they? Go to the Isthmus links for plenty of first-hand descriptions of what happened.


Sloanasaurus said...

Halloween 1986 and 1987 in Madison are two of the greatest party days of my life.

It's great to hear that the revelry still continues.

I recall that the primary responsibility of the student body president was running the Halloween party. Kudos to Steve Marmel for throwing a great party! (His "down with the threeks" and "bring back the fork" campaign was also great fun).

Disgrace should be brought upon Shalala and the other losers in student government who ended the celebration in 1988-89.

Anonymous said...

diffuse a riot

Were the police really trying to spread the riot over a larger area, or has another pair of homophones gone the way of "pedal" and "peddle"?

HaloJonesFan said...

There was a giant hoard of people! I'd say that the affect of the police was to make many of them feel homocidal. Were the police too quick to deploy their pepper-spray ordinance?

Paul said...

Did the police act properly? Give me a break. The only way they can act properly is if everyone listens to them, if they don't then have to do things which are unpopular with some at the scene and in the coming days with some who sit far away and analyze each tiny, little detail.
Stop vandalism: Would you drunken and/or crime minded indivuals please stop throwing those rocks, breaking those windows? Pretty please? Oh, My! Then I'll have to arrest you, I'm sorry, please come here and put your hands behind your backs so I can restrain you? What wonderfully cooperative drunken partygoers! Thanks for not running, spitting, yelling, cursing, kicking, fighting or ganging up on me while I arrest you. You know if you weren't drunk or full of hatred none of this would be necessary. You do? Well, why don't I just let you go if you promise to be good. I'm going to go do my other duties. Promise you'll be good? Thank you.
Analyze that.

Dactyl said...

You know, the Des Moines Register reported that over 400 arrests were made. Is that true? Doesn't jibe with everything else I've heard.