October 20, 2005


I'm in Blogometer's "Blogger Spotlight" today. (Scroll down for the interview part. I'm also linked higher on the page, but that's not the Q&A.)


Too Many Jims said...

Because I want to highlight my qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice, specifically my "attention to detail", I would like to point out the following error in the Blogometer post.

"When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging on January 14, 2005. . ."

Paul said...

Other than that, I learned several things, a revealing short interview on Triple A - I promise never to use that again. I like Adair though.
I knew our ages were similar by taste in music and you've proven to me that genetics play a substantial part in intelligence. Argue all everyone wants - don't care, I'm convinced.
You seemed to have adopted a something for everyone stance in the Miers nomination, you didn't say you found it good, almost commiserating with a lot of groups.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Jim. I'll get them to correct that (and the name of my University).

reader_iam said...

ROFLOL, Ann--because I sat down to check in on your blog right after putting on my old University of Delaware sweatshirt (chilly here & no heat yet), which I haven't worn in a donkey's age but just found while cleaning out a dresser (gotta do that more often).

(Twilight Zone theme song)

I'd missed that you were a First State native. I'm not, but I did live there almost 25 years from '71 and attended UD, where my father was a music prof. I'm sure you were already in Wayne (hometown of a couple of college friends) by then.

Good interview! Anyone having the misfortune of not already knowing about you would get a good flavor for what you're about, and, I would hope, will stop by your ever-entertaining and informative blog.