October 20, 2005

"Fine, fine, very nice."

That's Justice Breyer's answer to the question from Newshour's Jan Crawford Greenburg: "And how has the last month been with your new leader?" She probes:
JAN CRAWFORD GREENBURG: But obviously even the arguments seem to have somewhat of a different feel.

JUSTICE STEPHEN BREYER: That, you'll have to judge.

JAN CRAWFORD GREENBURG: But have you noticed any changes or have there been any differences in the conference?

JUSTICE STEPHEN BREYER: Well, my prediction is we have gotten on well for 11 years and we'll continue to get on well.

God forbid a Supreme Court justice should ever say anything revealing... even when he's trying to entice you to read his book.


KateJones said...

Perhaps that's why scotus opinions ramble so... they get confused when trying to infuse their speech with content.

Gene C Evans said...

Perhaps 'fine' is all there is to be said. If nothing's going wrong what is there to talk about?

Simon said...

Strange interview. Breyer looked toasted and very pleased. So there's that, and there was Scalia interviewed on CNBC recently looking as glum (depressed even) as I've ever seen him look. Want to take a bet how Justice Roberts is working out thusfar?