October 14, 2005

"Harriet Miers and her Royal Family."

I'm getting kind of a Glinda the Good Witch vibe from Harriet as Queen.

(And, thanks to retouching, Catherine the Great is not making me look fat anymore.)


Pastor_Jeff said...


I love it! But what exactly are you burning on the altar to Miers?

Or, as the hysterical conservatives will put it: What is Althouse smoking??

Too Many Jims said...

"Why not have Harriet Miers be Queen Victoria and her children....Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham?"

Here's why that is a despicable thought: She is not married, we can't haveing unmarried women portrayed as having children. Goodness, didn't we go through this with Murphy Brown?

Alexandra said...


You must be kidding right?
Look it doesn't really help that I don't have a clue who Murphy Brown is, but still, the word despicable is a bit strong, so I think umm....

I then see you read my friend Patric Belton over @ Oxblog, so you must have a sense of humor.

Then I read a few articles from your old blog, and I think, wow, that's an angry young man, so now I am really confused.

So I still say, kidding right?

Alexandra said...

Hey take it easy Jeff, we like to welcome our guests and make them feel relaxed when they come to visit... don't be so hard on us we are not ALL SO hysterical. Just a little, sometimes, when we run out of liberals to sacrifice on the altar, but then there is the odd dem always lying around somewhere...slightly tougher flesh, but we can't always be so picky..

And for Jim's benefit: I AM KIDDING!!

I am glad you like the picture though, Ann looks stunning doesn't she? Miers looks a little under the weather though, but you know photoshop is not that easy for a novice...