October 14, 2005

"But surely all these man-boys are making free choices based upon what is right for them. Who is anyone to complain?"

Peter Burnet offers up a companion piece to that little discussion we had yesterday.


SippicanCottage said...
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Sally said...

S. Cottage -

Oh come now, I know it's the digital age, but we mustn't all claim to have A.D.D.! I felt like the conversation was just getting started, and when it comes to gender politics, I tend to have a bad case of motor mouth. (Sorry, I grew up in the 80's).

At any rate in regard to "fertility politics", men should also be aware of their own aging. Sperm from a lithe and hardy 20 year old is not quite the same as that of a 50 year old. Beware of low sperm count and schizophrenia, amongst other things...

Sally said...

I'd also like to respond to the premise that "these man-boys are making free choices based upon what is right for them". I would contest that. I am happily married to a healthy young stallion and I am not in the position of hunting down any man-boys. But I do have many as friends, and from what I have seen, they are neurotic, self-obsessed and incapable of making large life decisions. They are stuck in a rut and are simply waiting for life to seize them. So is what they are doing truly right for them? I doubt that very much.

SippicanCottage said...
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SippicanCottage said...
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Wade_Garrett said...

In my comments to the last thread, I sympathized with women who stayed single into their mid-to-late 30s and want to have a child.

However, there are two issues here -- the female autonomy issue, and the 'man-boy' issue. I don't necessarily think that men should grow up. I support female autonomy because I'm confident enough with my masculinity to not feel threatened. We're not ever going to become irrelevant.

I think that for every man who asks to frat-guy-ish, there is a woman who is self-indulgently 'girly.' Too often, men are made to feel guilty about being guys. If it wasn't for women, a lot of guys I know would never shave, never eat sitting down at a table, and go entire days without putting on pants. How would women act, if there weren't men around?

tcd said...

Why would anyone complain about these man-boys? If you are a woman looking for a suitable partner, these man-boys should be a group to be avoided like the plague. There are plenty of good adult men out there that you needn't waste your time with the man-boys. How do I know this? I married one of the adults and it wasn't hard to find him. In fact, my husband is the second of two men that I ever dated in my life. Or maybe I was just lucky in love?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Allicent: You married a horse??
Do you live in Massachusetts?

Sorry. Punchy.

Joe said...

One thing that caught my eye...
"But faced with a generation of emotionally immature men who seem to view marriage as the last thing they’ll do before they die, we have little option but to wait, busy ourselves with making the most of our careers and hope that Mr Non-Phobic Right eventually makes himself known to us before our ovaries pack up completely."

It seems that *both* sexes have determined that the other has complete control over their romantic and sexual destiny.
Both are acting (in general, if not specifically) as Peter Pans, and all in the quest for autonomy.

Diane said...

Old sperm is more likely to have mutations, and other problems. I remember somewhere that with Schizophrenics the age of the father at conception is a better indicator of it than the age of the mother.

Also, as a woman who doesn't want children, I've found that these idiots often "don't want" to settle down and have a family until they run into a woman who doesn't want that. The minute they found out *I* didn't want children they acted surprised and changed their tune. They sputtered and acted like I was an unnatural woman.

My cynical theory: They don't want to be the one who begs for children. They do want them, but they'd rather be dragged to the alter kicking and screaming. That way they can make the woman do the majority of the work.

The real truth is that these "men" aren't worth your time. Seriously.

If you want a good man, go to the engineering building of your local college campus. There you will find millions of intelligent, considerate, sexually inexperienced men who are eager to have a girlfriend. They will have children when you want them, spoil you rotten, and never betray you.

They also won't cheat on you because in order to do that they'd have to *talk* to another woman. That ain't gonna happen.

No nagging for a wedding ring. They'll marry you the minute you blink, out of fear you'll get away.

Have an enemy? Tell your computer-engineer boyfriend, and watch while their computer systems suddenly develop virus after virus. No questions asked.

Have your period? Send him to the store. He’ll be so eager to show off that he has someone to buy tampons *for* that he won’t be embarrassed. He’ll also come home with chocolate, Doritos, and any other craving you have.

I've been telling this to women for years. Why do they insist on dating losers? Engineers. Every girl should have one.