October 16, 2005

Audible Althouse, #12.

Audible Althouse, it's a podcast about the last few days here on Althouse. Look out, it's long, nearly an hour. Topics: TimesSelect, underachieving boys, conservatives in academia, bad writing, gender-neutral writing, shrediting, "The Apprentice," Iraq, squirrels, deadlines, blogging, Amazon, eavesdropping, fortune cookies.


vbspurs said...

Granted, as I've mentioned a few times, I'm still "stuck" on AA #5, but I have a request:

I like the fact that your podcasts are verbal versions of your blog: a wrap-up of your thoughts of that week, if you will.

But I think a lot of your readers, would also enjoy some totally original topics, which could serve as an encouragement to listen to the podcasts more regularly.

Ignore this comment, if that's what you've done from 6-12. *g*


Meade said...

Victoria, dear, please do try to catch up. She has music on the podcast now which is totally original and perfectly delightful. It's jangly and cool and simply not available on the blog.

Also, she recites song parodies in cadences worth every one of the ten dollars I sent her.

Speaking of parodies, where else but the podcast are you going to hear her laugh out loud - yes, audibly out loud - at the talented comic writing of noted notable commenters who contributed to the best post on Althouse since maidenform bras - commenters who she graciously credits for her latest instalanche? Not her inaudible blog, you won't.

Incidentally, and this information has been previously unavailable anywhere but her podcast, if each one of her 2,663,895 visitors would only find their way to coughing up just one lousy buck, she'd have the means to purchase singing lessons.

XWL said...

Ok i'll bite, Prof. Althouse why do you have DEC 69 as one of the month's in your archives (but no files) over at Audible Althouse?

Ann Althouse said...

XWL: That's a mystery to me as well. It seems to be paranormal.

Victoria: I follow the blog but also digress, so there is unique material over there. Plus, as lmeade says, there's the cool music.

Paul said...

Victoria, keep listening, you get mentioned in #12 - I forget why at the moment, hopefully it was good, but there are rewards.
I don't think mention of specific commentors began until and episode or two ago, before these it was "one of my," now, instant stardom.
Just skip ahead to #12. Or is your teasing one of these subtleties of humor I can never grasp?

XWL said...

That answer just leads to more questions.

What kind of spectre haunts websites inserting random links to non existent content?

(not Phil Spector I hope, that hair is frightening)

(and yes I am addicted to parenthetical statements, but I'm not ready to admit it's a problem, yet)

Wade_Garrett said...

Ever since I heard Althouse podcast #11, I have been trying to decide what your new theme music reminded me of . . . then yesterday it hit me: Wayne's World! Especially the way your first line or two of spoken words closely mirror the last line of the song. I love it!

Evan said...

Another great effort. I like the new theme music too, but not because it reminds me of Wayne's World (which it doesn't, sorry).