October 16, 2005

At Devil's Lake.

I took a drive up to Devil's Lake today to see the fall foliage and maybe find a way to photograph it. Here's the whole photoset, and here are three of my favorites:

Devil's Lake

Devil's Lake

Devil's Lake

UPDATE: Tonya also went to Devil's Lake on Sunday to take photos of fall foliage. Strange! We didn't go together, and I haven't been there in fifteen years. You don't think it was... the Devil!


Meade said...

Well done.

Mark Kaplan said...

I'm guessing that this is not Devil's Lake, North Dakota.

bearing said...

Mmmm, I like the third one. The color contrast is amazing. Leaves look almost pink against the blue blue sky.

vbspurs said...

Another vote for the 3rd photo here, although all of them show a starburst of colour which is almost frightening to the eye.

Excellent pics. If you make wallpapers of them, let us know.


Stiles said...

It was a magnificent autumn day, wasn't it. Did you stop at Ski-Hi for some fresh apple pie or was this strictly about art?

Ann Althouse said...

Victoria: I should probably remove the second one. The other two would not look so bright without it.

amba said...

You caught that stained-glass quality of the light coming through the leaves. Nice work.

Norma said...

You've inspired me to take my digital camera with me when I walk in the park today.